Thursday, July 3, 2014

YSL Couture Palette 03 Afrique - An Easy Everyday Palette

[Purchased by me.]

I took this on my trip, and it worked out very well - the five colors in the palette make for easy, no-brainer daily looks. I think I could use any of the shades in any way, and it would all work out well. The palette leans warm (I was also tempted by 04 Saharienne, which is its cooler sister), with the five shades below:
Swatched from lightest to darkest (top right corner, bottom right, top left, bottom left, center). 

The palest shade doesn't show up well against my skin, but it's not patchy in application. I like it as a highlight, as it is not overly frosty or too white. The pink has fine, glittery specks in it, and is cooler than the rest - a nice change from the other warm tones. The top left shade (middle swatch above) is my favorite - such a gorgeous apricot! The darker copper is nice, too. I wish the darkest brown (center) was a touch darker so that it would add more definition as a crease shade, but overall I'm not complaining. The colors don't look starkly different on eyes, but I think this palette works more as a no-fuss, easy way to change up the daily neutral look. And you're not confined to one lid shade, etc.
On eyes: Laura Mercier Rose Gold as base, YSL top left shade all over lids, copper shade on the center of lids, center brown in the crease, pale gold as highlight. YSL Red Agate on cheeks, Armani 400 bronzer all over face, and Maybelline Mandarin Rapture on lips.

The formula of this quint is much, much nicer than what I remember of the old YSL palettes; the shadows are a touch on the powdery side, but they blend out beautifully and pigmentation is good. Of course, it had better be - each palette is $60.

Since I'm usually into smaller palettes (they travel well, don't offer too many choices, and are usually well-coordinated to produce a variety of looks), this new offering from YSL really suits me. I'm not a huge fan of monochromatic palettes, so only a few of the more diverse ones appeal to me (and there is a olive-brown mixed one, oh yeah). I don't think they're must haves, of course, but since I was looking for a nice neutral palette (that had a few darker shades than my favorite Shiseido BE213), this one fit the bill.

Have you tried any of the new YSL palettes yet? How do you think they compare to the old formula?