Saturday, July 26, 2014

Serge Lutens Gris Clair: Smoky Perfection

[Product was purchased by me.]

I know, it's not August, I lied. I'M BACK. Mostly. I'm trying to catch up on blog posts. In return, here's perfume.
Sorry for the iPhone photo...just not up to regular blogging activities yet. But we are all moved in!
My "road to acquisition" for Serge Lutens Gris Clair was winding and long, like overgrown paths through the moors of Brönte sisters novels (by the by, I hate Jane Eyre. I have never met anyone else who shared this opinion, though. Something-something-dreamy-Mr. Rochester. WHAT the flying f--squirrel? Dude was a creepster.). Su, who knew of my love for lavender and is a master of perfume recommendations, originally sent me a sample, by way of a perfume swap, but by the time it reached me, it had evaporated. I was left with the faintest echo of vapors, which I desperately tried to inhale and characterize, to determine if I would have liked it. Couldn't decide.

I left it at that for a while (probably years). When I finally put together a Serge Lutens sample order from Surrender to Chance, I made sure to include Gris Clair... (the ellipsis is kind of making me twitch... ... see?). It was the first one I tried when the package arrived, and initially, I was like whoa, they were not kidding about this lavender business. It is definitely a lavender fragrance, make no mistake. Herb-y, medicinal lavender, first and foremost (which I like, but I know it's a turnoff to many). 

But the drydown, guys. The drydown. It grants this smoky, gray, faintly vanilla-sweet, aura that feels both masculine and feminine, if those things matter, and is divine. Crisp and clear, not fuzzy or muddled. It's a colder weather scent, but the smokiness makes it appropriate for summer nights, as well. It reminds me of that scene from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice (you know which one I'm talking about), if they were walking through France instead of bonny old England, with lavender fields instead of grassy countryside.
Oh man, this scene gets me every time. EVERY TIME.
Perhaps M. Lutens would not appreciate my fangirling over Gris Clair... ; next time don't put an ellipsis in the name, then. [edit 08.21.15: the SL twitter folk said the ellipsis is not part of the name, thank goodness.]

Anyway, so I was madly in love and the full bottle is $140 etc., etc., you know how that goes, but amazingly I picked this up on Amazon, for something like $68 including tax (there was this whole discussion on Twitter about it with Mimi - we were hoping I wouldn't end up with, as she put it, "Sergy Lootens Grey Light." Also, this is why you must all be friends with me on Twitter, so we can agonize over these decisions together). AND IT IS MINE. And the bottle is pretty and classic with all these straight lines (okay, it's rectangular, but my description is still valid) and I smell GOOD (although S. said "kind of manly" and I said "What if that's what I was going for?" and he said "Oh ok.").

The end.

(Also I haven't bothered learning what's import or export or ridiculously impossible to procure where you/I live, but if you're interested in a sample, because PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and "kind of manly" sold you on it, Surrender to Chance is pretty good.)

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