Tuesday, July 1, 2014

FOTD: Dirty...(Martinis, of course)

Green olives are vastly superior to those chalky, creaky black ones. I came up with this revelation a few days ago, right before we went to bed. S just rolled over and went to sleep.

(He doesn't even like olives. WHAT.)

Seriously, though. Green olives, right? Ha. So here is an olive-green eye look, even though I don't actually drink these old-fashioned martinis because vermouth is gross. I was inspired by two different looks; the first is Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globe look from earlier this year, and the second is a vampy look from Pinterest. I don't typically pair darker, smokier eye shades with vampy looks (not so much because of "rules," but I don't want dark all the things to overwhelm my face), but today I figured, why not?
I guess with a vampy lipstick, it maybe ends up being more about the lipstick. Oh well. I used Laura Mercier Khaki Caviar Stick on lids, then blended it out with theBalm All About Alex (Shady Lady Vol.1) and Sophisticated (Nude'Tude palette) in the crease. Lined with Smashbox Limitless Liquid liner and Sephora Glitter Brown liquid liner (old formula). 
Hourglass No. 28 Serum and DiorSkin Nude powder as base, with MAC Stratus blush and Sonia Kashuk illuminator to highlight.

Lipstick is my beloved Rouge d'Armani 610.
See? I told you I haven't forgotten about the Cocktail series. I'm working on another one...something more colorful. Also, does anyone else feel like when your hair is short, you can wear ALL THE MAKEUPS? Also, now that my hair is darker again, I can pull out some lip colors that had to hide because they didn't jive with red hair.

Do you ever pair darker eye shadows with vampy lips? And do you drink the classic martini?