Saturday, June 14, 2014

Marc Jacobs Siren Palette: Review and Looks

[Product was purchased by me.]
Here's the review I promised on the Marc Jacobs Siren palette, which is new and limited edition for Summer 2014. It's $59, like the rest of the 7-pan palettes. It comes with a pouch and a ridiculous little sponge-tipped applicator with "Marc Jacobs" printed ridiculously on it...that I used for swatches and immediately tossed. Why do they bother?
The case is nice, though, and snaps shut - it opens with the button shown here. It's slim enough to travel with, I think, although I'm not sure that I would want to travel with only a colorful palette, and it's rather inconvenient to have multiple palettes.
On bare skin, with above silly applicator. The pigmentation varies a bit from shade to shade; the copper is the most buttery soft and pigmented, and I would say the darkest green is the patchiest with flecks of glitter.
Close up of the last four shades. I really love the gold, mint and blue...haven't played with the last shade too much yet, but it's also quite pretty, despite patchiness here. Let's face it - I'm not the best swatchey swatcher. You can see better ones at Temptalia.
I'm not really a fan of Marc Jacobs fashion, and I wasn't really interested in a lot of the makeup when the line came out. I still am not really, but certain items catch my eye every now and again, and this is one of them. I like the artist's palette design and the colors! Bright colors like these usually aren't part of a designer brand's lineup, so I was happy to see this.

Despite the swatches, I think the shades wear well (over primer - without, they're not as punchy) and I like the variety - instead of a single-color gradient or play on (yawn) more neutrals, we get white (!), red, orange-copper, gold, mint, blue, and dark green. I am curious as to why they didn't include a purple instead of another green, but whatever. I can live without purple. (Disclaimer: I like neutrals, but every brand has five or six "naked-nude-bare-it-all" palettes big thing, please).

Here are some looks I put together.
Look 1: Gold shade on inner corner, copper shade on lid, blue in the crease (and dark brown and bright blue liquid liners, Sephora brand, to finish).
The copper is really smooth and easy to use, but it can look a bit metallic. Still, it's absolutely gorgeous. Lip color is Shiseido GD817 under YSL Opium Persan Gloss Volupte.

Look 2: Gold shade, mint shade, darkest green in crease. Sorry for the different lighting.

Look 3 (technically a cheat, I showed this before!): Gold, copper, red.
I'm pretty pleased with this purchase. I wouldn't go rushing out to buy more MJ palettes just for the sake of collecting them, but if I found another set of colors that I liked, I wouldn't be adverse to it. Quality isn't the best I've ever seen, but in my opinion, probably better than some Dior quints and the old YSL quints, as well. Plus, it's just nice to have seven shades in one place, in less boxy packaging. But, convenience speaks to me. If you want seven bright shades and want to coordinate them on your own, you'd probably be better off creating an Inglot palette or some such thing, for less money.

So, Marc Jacobs beauty - what are your thoughts on the line? Do the colors in this palette call to you?