Monday, June 16, 2014

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Swatches

No, I haven't abandoned my Cocktail FOTD Series just yet. I have had a gross cold, though, and my face is currently like pie crust, though sadly more flaky and less yummy. So arm swatches it is!
L-R: Sugar Frost, Rose Gold, Pink Opal, Amethyst, Sandglow, Khaki. One swipe each, on bare skin.

I like to wear these most often as bases - they add dimension and help powders adhere. I wear them on bare lids (no primer) and typically don't have problems with lasting power, except for Sugar Frost and Pink Opal, which have a grittier texture. The rest are smoother and glide on with no tugging.
Close up of the glitter textured ones (leftmost: Sugar Frost, rightmost: Pink Opal). Rose Gold is in the middle - it's not glittery like the other two.

Sugar Frost and Pink Opal are sheerest - a glittery sheen, like the Shu Uemura glitter shadows. Because of this texture, they can seem a little patchy, and are definitely sparkly on lids - like flakie glitter polish, if that makes any sense (but without the holographic effect, of course). The other four are smoother, with metallic/pearl finishes (all of these are shimmery).

Some of mine were part of a holiday mini set (which is a great bargain - four minis at 0.03 oz each for $40; a full size is 0.05 oz for $26). I have seen different shades available at different retailers, so I'm not sure what constitutes the permanent line. I have not tried Bobbi Brown's version, but Paris compared them here.
Two sizes of Caviar Sticks. I like minis.

I prefer my cream shadows in twist-up pencil form, and these all have a place in my daily tray, though I don't wear Sugar Frost and Pink Opal as often as the rest (Rose Gold and Amethyst are my favorites). You can see Amethyst worn here and Sandglow worn hereSandglow and Khaki hereSugar Frost in looks 2 & 3 here. Shannon has many more beautiful swatches here.

What's your favorite cream shadow formula?