Saturday, June 7, 2014

FOTD: All the Drinks Named After the Sun...Under the Sun

[Products used in the look were purchased by me, except *, which was a sample from Sephora, and **, which was a gift from a friend.]

Because Kate suggested that I do more booze-inspired looks after this one, I decided to tentatively launch a cocktail-inspired series of FOTDs, because I like cocktails and I put on makeup anyway. And uh, I like cocktails.

This one is based on those sunrise/sunset-themed cocktails - you know the ones, with neon orange/red/yellow liquors in monster glasses, with teeny little umbrellas and enough alcohol to keep you snoozing well past dawn.
Like this guy.
I also wanted to play with this pretty.
So nice to finally cross things off of the wishlist! This is the Marc Jacobs Siren palette, which I was told was LE for summer (by a Sephora SA).

I'll do a full review on the palette later, after I play around with it some more. First thoughts: it's niiiiiiiice. Time to munch on words for dissing MJ makeup, I guess, hahaha. I still think the polish bottles are derpy, though. No change of heart there.
So here's the look. Working from inside out, gold shade, copper shade, red shade, all over NARS primer. Also more copper on the center of the lid. The copper shade is so pretty, you guys.
The foundation is a sample of the new Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation* (Bare Linen 03) which I dislike (I'll do a mini foundation review soon, too. Lots of things in the queue). Looks good on camera though, huh. Oh well. Finished the look with bronzer (Armani Sun Fabric 400) and Sonia Kashuk illuminator, Clarins 02 Candy** and Shu Uemura Supreme Shine lipstick in PK 340.
Some day I'll sort out my brows. Not today, apparently.

Anyhoo. More booze-themed looks coming up this month, mixed in with a sunscreen comparison (Neutrogena Pure and Liquid vs. Clarins), the MJ palette review, a Laura Mercier caviar stick swatchfest, and a Shu Uemura lipstick swatchfest (as requested by Lena, haha). And maybe we'll talk about hair. Because help - should I cut it? Should I go back to my natural color? Also - got a cocktail to suggest?