Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beauty Blogger Happiness

We've had a lot of deep thoughts around the community, lately, and that got me thinking about my own take on what we do, and why, and how I see myself evolving (Charizard!) or not.

Beauty blogging focuses a lot on aesthetic beauty - there's really no getting around that, I think. That doesn't make readers or bloggers shallow, or vain, and lipstick is certainly not the only thing we think about or feel strongly about. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not worth considering, in my opinion, and that's enough about that. People judge us whether we have too much makeup on, or too little, or the wrong kind (how is that possible, I wonder?). I don't tell a lot of people about my blog, but I think a lot of us aren't transparent about everything we do - and why should we be?

I blog about makeup and pretty things because it makes me happy to do so. I like to interact with fellow bloggers and with readers, and comments and emails and tweets cheer me up. It's nice to have a second - and third and fourth - opinion when I'm out buying eye shadow, and it's useful to read other experiences with products, since I do wear makeup, and use skincare products, and incorporate those things into my life on a daily basis. I probably spend a little more time on it all than the average person, but then, it's a hobby of mine. Just like other people collect little figurines and spend time researching them and bidding on ebay and hunting down various versions, or people record and watch every single episode of a beloved program - it's a hobby. I don't think it can be deemed worthy or not by anyone who isn't me.

The other thing that sometimes bothers me about this all, though, is the admission that it is a rather materialistic hobby. But you know, I've come to terms with that. Yes, I spend a considerable amount of money on lipstick, but I wear them. I can't wear them all, but there are days when I want to wear a specific color, and it's nice to have it there. I think some people are happy wearing the same style/color of makeup all the time, so it's not worthwhile for them to have 20+ shades of lipstick. Do I wear the same color every day? Nope. Do I want to have to? Nope. I don't have the average person's stash, because I think it would be difficult to rotate through the kinds of looks and experiments that I like to do that way. I think sometimes we are maybe too hard on ourselves because we measure ourselves against other standards of spending or accumulation or whatever it is, but then we do need to consider the comparisons in full. Does someone else care whether my pink lipstick is a touch too yellow and a touch too sparkly? Probably not. Do I care? Yes. So I have two. Or five.

Do I clean my collection regularly and weed things out and try not to accumulate too many of the same type of thing? Yes. Am I aware that makeup has a shelf life? Yes. But I'm not stressed out about it - and I don't think we should be. Sometimes I feel great after saving up and rewarding myself with some long wished-for item. Sometimes an impulse buy cheers me up on a shit day. I think my view on consumerism and all of this is constantly evolving, because I would hope that I don't stagnate as a person. I'm happy to take that view.

This isn't to say that I don't wish I kept to my budget more strictly, sometimes, or that I don't sometimes cringe at the sight of piles of empty packaging, but if it didn't amuse me and give me a creative outlet and make me feel more polished on days where I wake up as a zombie - I'd just stop wearing makeup. And I'd blog about food.

What are your thoughts about beauty blogging - about being a consumer, about makeup as a creative outlet, about finding satisfaction with your hobbies? Do you find a lot of acceptance, or do people challenge your choices?