Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sweet Anthem SA List: Summer 2014

[Purchased by me.]

The summer season of Sweet Anthem's SA List arrived, and here are my thoughts. I'm more of a crisp, clean spritzer or creamy white floral girl in the summer, but I found that these told stories of summers in other places, ones that are actually closer to home for those of us in the PNW.

Cooper: "What are these magnificent trees?"
Notes: Fir needle, coffee, teak, vetiver.

Confession and disclaimer: I do not like coffee as a perfume note. I find coffee scents cloying and odd and usually they remind me more of sugary drinks than coffee beans or strong black, steaming cups. Cooper definitely smells like coffee, so I can't love it. But it is a well-balanced scent. If you like stories, well: I can picture a man in plaid, out at a cabin in the woods. It's dark, stars are out, and he's cradling a steaming mug in his hands. Breathe in, and you can immediately smell the coffee - black and deeply fragrant. But then you stand there, taking in the stars, and you can start to smell the spice of the trees, and underneath that, the warm woodiness of the earth. That, ladies and gents, is Cooper.
Walden Pond.

Walden: "Heaven is under our feet and over our heads."
Notes: Petit Grain, White Pepper, Vintage Florals, Ambergris, Oakmoss
This vaguely reminds me of Caroline, an older, Sweet Anthem fragrance (still available). It's green and paints a picture of the eponymous pond (I had to read Walden in high school...oh man oh man) - woodsy and wet and carpeted with oakmoss. Like Cooper, I find Walden to be a rather atmospheric scent, more field than flowers, drenched with dew. It's a scent that carries the coolness of summer heat in the woods and in the mountains - because even though we forget it, summer happens in other places besides the beach. Summer for us means hiking in the beautiful PNW mountains and along rivers, and this is a perfect snapshot.

As summer offerings go, they're different and interesting, and if you're tired of white florals and beachy aquatics, this duo is something for you.