Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quest for an Orange-Red #2: MAC Lady Danger

[Purchased by me.]

I guess it's not really a quest if I go and buy every single one that I try.

I blame all of you. Especially Liz and Denise. The worst.
Hardest things to get color-correct. Rouge d'Armani 400 is my standard for "true red." Dior Trafalgar is not matte and actually it's much warmer - it almost makes MAC Lady Danger look more pink and cool in person. Clearly, I need both. Ahem. 

But, what can I say? I love matte lipsticks, and I think orange-reds are really growing on me lately. Thankfully, with Dior Trafalgar and this one, I think I'm pretty full up. So, uh, anti-climatic ending - quest over. BUT I'M LADY DANGERRRRRR.
It's so bright. Eye-searing. But I love it. I like to use a clear lip-liner like Dior's to keep lip edges clean. Also, it does kinda make teeth look yellow. I should maybe do a Crest treatment thing again.
Worn the way I like it best: with well-defined eyes and plenty of bronzer. It's dry but not super drying, which was surprising. I always thought these old school MAC lipsticks would just suck the moisture from my lips, dementor-style, but thankfully that's not the case.

It's permanent so there's no need to rush out to buy it, but it's worth thinking about, especially if you want something HIGH IMPACT BOOM for summer. Or fall. Or whenever. We can be LADIES DANGER together!

Do you have this classic MAC shade? What are your other favorite matte lipsticks?