Sunday, May 4, 2014

GOLD, BABY: Shiseido GD817 Athena Lacquer Rouge

[Purchased by me.]

This is the last one I have (right now, *cough*) - you can see RD311 here, RD319 here, and BR616 here.
Single swipe of GD817. It's so pretty. I love eye shadows this color.

GD817 is the oddest one, because it's a coppery gold. And now I know you're thinking, "But Larie, what would you possibly want with that?"
GD817, worn very sheerly on its own.
Well, I like unique shades. Some perversity drew me toward it for that alone. And also, the idea of playing artist. I think it was created to experiment with - to amplify other shades and to turn them into new shades, as well. I'm not usually one to layer lip products (I'm lazy), but sometimes I want a specific color, and this is one way to achieve it.

Here are a few combinations I've tried:
Under Dior Enchanted Rose lip gloss. This is one of my favorite combinations - great low-key, healthy rosy nude lip. Other face makeup: Origins CC Cream (sample), Armani Sun Fabric Bronzer in 400. Eyes are Laura Mercier Rose Gold, Sugar Frost, and Amethyst Caviar Sticks, plus liner. Please excuse fluffy hair.

I love wearing it under gloss - like Dior Enchanted Rose. Favorite summer combination so far, I think (and it's not even summer!). It's also good under YSL 103 Opium Persan. Or any gloss, really - one that's not too metallic.
Lightly blotted in the center over Shiseido RD319 Pomodoro. Adds a bit of dimension.
It's also, of course, made to wear over the other Shiseido Lacquer Rouges. I like to wear it both over or under BR616, or lightly blotted in the center of lips for a bit of shine and dimension (like above). I can't wait to buy RD607 Nocturne and rock that combination in the fall/holiday seasons.
Over NARS Carthage. (Do I miss my fringe? Ho hum. I'm such a waffle).

Over a matte, bright pink lip? Check. It's transformed! Although I can't wear this shade of pink any more, guys. Look at that clash. *pulls paper bag over head*
For the upper lip, I applied Maybelline Signature  Scarlet first, then dabbed Shiseido GD817 over it and blended with a finger. On the lower lip, I reversed the order - Shiseido GD817 first, lightly applied all over lips, and then Maybelline Signature Scarlet over top. I prefer the second method (lower lip) - the applicator for the Lacquer Rouges lend themselves more to being a bottom layer under fluid glosses. It's less of a problem if you're applying them over mattes.

And last but not least, paired with a brilliant red for that holiday effect. This is with Maybelline Signature Scarlet.

Do I think everyone needs it? No. But if you're prone to experimenting with lip colors and like having a fun shade to change things up, it's hard to beat this one. Since it's not as fluid as a gold gloss, I feel like it's easier to control and use sparingly, which is key (although hey, bronzy gold lips could work on the right person - that person is just not me, haha).

If you have this one, let me know your favorite way to wear it! Even if you don't, what else should I try with it?