Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bronzed But Not Orange: Armani Sun Fabric Bronzer 400 Heat

[Product was purchased by me.]

I'm a bronzer newbie.
Armani Sun Fabric Bronzer in 400 Heat.  There are shimmers. It's not sparkly on the face, though.

I've tried a handful (mostly thanks to the lovely Tracy), but many of them are too orange or ruddy - they make me simply look dirty. I also could never really figure out what to do with bronzer. I know you're supposed to do that 3-shape business, but I was just bewildered by the whole thing. And then I thought, if I used it all over my face to warm it up, won't my face not match the rest of me?
Closed compact. There is a brush in a compartment under the bronzer pan, but it's not very good. I use a fluffy Sonia Kashuk brush instead.
But I fell in love with this gorgeous bronzed look, and summer is coming. I wanted to make it work. So I stopped in to see the Armani Sun Fabric bronzers. I walked around with 100 on one side of my face, and 400 on the other side.
Swatched with a finger, you can see lots of sparklies. But I use a fluffy brush to apply.

Both the SA and I agreed that 400 was better (100 was too orange - I think the Sun Fabric Bronzers have different undertones, which seems very obvious, but is hard to find). I liked the warmth it gave my face, without looking too obvious or harsh; the red undertones keep it natural.
Base makeup: Origins CC Cream (sample).
I use it all over my face, and it doesn't look odd or out of place. I like it a lot. It doesn't instantly show up as a smear of brown (I use a fluffy brush - Sonia Kashuk No. 101), but can be built up to the color I want.

Here it's built up a little more, and focused on cheeks as well.
Ack, hair errywhere. Also, this is what happens when you don't wear foundation...freckles galore.

All in all, absolutely love. Bronzer has found a place in my heart. BRING IT ON, SUMMER.