Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ESQIDO: Luxe Lashes

[Post features press samples.]
Esqido Oh So Sweet lashes.
I'm pretty rubbish at applying false lashes (though I did do my own for my engagement photos...and that was it, ha!), but I can't deny that they give a gorgeous effect. I don't wear them regularly, but I've often admired how they can amp up a look.
Lashlorette. The lashes are exquisite, and sturdy without being stiff or unnatural.
I was given the chance to try ESQIDO false lashes (they are sourced from naturally shed mink hairs and Esqido works to ensure the hairs were obtained in a manner that does not harm the animal; I do wonder what mink farms are for, though?). I opted for Oh So Sweet and Lashlorette, which both have a 3x volume rating on Esqido's site (out of 5) because I wanted something with a bit of boom to them. There is a nice range of more natural lashes (volume 1) to full on KABOOM lashes.
Ι used Ardell's Clear Adhesive this time, but I wouldn't recommend it - it smells really bad and is so, so, so sticky. Gooey. Goopy. My eyelids felt sticky for hours after removal and washing my face.
I like clear glue for lashes, and I usually don't apply eyeliner if I'm going to apply false lashes - especially ones with a thicker black lash band. It gets messy if I have to redo the positioning (and I ALWAYS do), and it's not necessary in the end. I do curl my lashes, but I don't apply any mascara.
Tweezers are from Mont Bleu*.
I trimmed the lashes and then used tweezers to apply them; it's a rough business, and I feel like my fingers are too big and my eyes are too small and whatever the whole time, but tweezers help to make it so that I can at least see what's going on. After setting them, I do feel like there are fuzzy caterpillars on my eyes, but that's a side effect of all false lashes - I'm just not used to them. The Esqido lashes are soft and fluttery but still hold their shape, which is really nice. I like the thick, lush effect of the cross-layered hairs of the versions that I chose.
For reference: bare lashes, just eye shadow (Shiseido's BE213 trio).
And now, the full effect. Don't laugh.
I curl lashes (real + false) together after applying, and that's it. The Esqido lashes are beautifully curled - I just lightly curl them all together to fit my own lashes against the false lashes.

Sorry for the color change. Here's a full face look. I figured since I had these fancy lashes on, I had to go the full distance with red lips (Dior Trafalgar, for those curious).
Wearing Oh So Sweet.
Other makeup: Dior Diorskin Nude compact in 030 Medium Beige, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach, Tarte Stellar, Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous.

Goodness gracious, they're pretty. I wish I were better at applying them - but I guess that comes with practice. These can be reused up to 25 times if cared for properly (remove them first and peel off the glue - don't use any detergents or oils on them) and we'll see if I can find more occasions to glam up. If you need special occasion lashes, I'd definitely look at these. They are an investment, but they look beautiful and they can be reused, so that helps against the cost.

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