Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dior Grege, That Perfect Rosy Pink

[This was a sample card that came with a previous purchase.]

Those Dior people are the worst, man. They give you these little sample cards with all the pretty colors.

I wore 844 Trafalgar here (and I bought it, thank you for all of your terrible fabulous advice). I also wore 999 here, but I need another true red like...yeah. I don't.

Work-safe, natural colors, though - I do need. (Actually, if you cheat and scroll down, you'll see that I have enough other colors for a comparison, so ok, lies.) I wanted a warm pink that was bright enough to look youthful (i.e., not super gray-toned), but not bright enough to be...bright. (I am as eloquent as a pre-teen trying to score a date to the dance right now, go me). So I dug into 167 Grège 1947.
Wearing Rouge Dior 167 Grège 1947.
Necklace: Leith Multi Triangle Statement necklace (Nordstrom).
And this fits the bill. It's the perfect MLBB-if-my-lips-were-like-roses (hey I think someone's used that before) and even though it looks like I have similar shades, on lips, they're not the same. *cough*
L-R: Clinique Flirty Honey, Rouge d'Armani 510, Rouge Dior 167 Grège 1947,  Dior Addict Garçonne, Rouge Dior 428 Pisanellle Pink (old formula), Tarte Matte Lip Tint in Exposed.

The closest are the Dior Addict in Garçonne (not as pink - more coral/beige/nude with sparkles) and old Rouge Dior in Pisanelle Pink (more gray, darker); 167 Grège 1947 swatches more beige but shows up a rosy nude on my lips. It was a little drying when I wore it (compared to 844 Trafalgar), but I think hope that if when it's applied from the bullet, it will wear more like the other Rouge Diors that I know and love.

Oddly, this shade is not available at Sephora - just Nordstrom and Macy's (haven't checked other sites). $34 like the rest, and I'm waffling. Like a waffle.

What's your favorite rosy pink/mlbb shade?