Friday, March 21, 2014

Two More for A Colorful Spring: Maybelline Mandarin Rapture and Breathtaking Apricot

[Purchased by me.]

I already reviewed the first three that I purchased, here. I liked them a lot, but naively, I thought that would be the end of it for now. Nope. Sale at local drugstore = two more added to my collection.

I bought Mandarin Rapture and Breathtaking Apricot for their springy springiness. Juicy, jelly shades in bright and refreshing orange and sparkly pink - who could say no? (Clearly, not I.)
Sparkles! But they don't really show up when worn.

The scent (faintly powdery sweet) and formula are the same as the first three - thick but not really sticky or tacky. Comfortable to wear, and perhaps even moisturizing. I think they are a great alternative to more expensive glosses (nothing competes with Dior, but these have a much more varied color range and a greater mix of jelly, sparkly and shimmery shades) and are a great way to get a variety of shiny lip shades. I have to recommend them.
Wearing Mandarin Rapture.

Mandarin Rapture is a jelly orange.
Wearing Breathtaking Apricot. And yes, the eye makeup is different in this picture. I have to say that the pink is brighter in person - almost neon.

Breathtaking Apricot is, confusingly, bright, cool pink with sparkle, rather than orange or peach. The color in the tube is quite apparent, so I was well aware that it was pink, but it's just an odd name choice. It's a bit too cool for me to wear easy-breezy-slapdash like, so I have to be more careful, but it's still a great spring shade.

I think budget-friendly lip shades are the perfect pick-me-up (and after this long winter, I definitely needed something bright and cheerful), and it's pretty easy to have some drugstore goodies "fall into your basket" while you're out shopping for cotton balls and envelopes, or whatever. This is a great line to explore! Pick 'em up when they're on sale.