Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Things: Perfume Picks

Spring equinox isn't until March 20th, but I have moved into all the spring things, starting with perfume. These are my current favorites.

Sweet Anthem Lizie: I have this in three formats (solid, oil, and edp - would you like a comparison?) because I love it so much. S. thinks it's weird (green things and dirt), but something about it just clicks for me. The edp version is much zestier than the oil - the neroli comes through, and that tomato leaf - divine. I might have to buy the bigger bottle before it goes away again.

Prada Infusion d'iris: It took me a while to get this one, but I am now hooked. It's a powdery soft iris, green and bright and not too powdery (I actually don't love most powder perfumes). And the bottle is pretty. So uh, there.

L'Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote, and Verbena: I got the little splash bottle of Jasmine and Bergamot as part of a travel set, and picked up the smallest bottle of Verbena at the same time. Both are fizzy and light, as I find with many L'Occitane fragrances. It's sometimes nice to have something you can spray with reckless abandon, though. Jasmin & Bergamote is floral and juicy - but not in that red berry kind of way. It's fresh. Verbena is a classic, and even though it doesn't last too long on me, it also doesn't give me a headache the way many verbena perfumes can, so I consider it a win.

Hello Kitty: A bit embarrassing, perhaps, but I have seen many perfumistas profess an unabashed love for certain celebrity fragrances, so what the hell. The heart wants, right? HA. This one is spritzy - light, crisp apple (funnily enough, I usually hate apple, but this one is not that usual generic "country apple" smell), sparkling flowers, and a fizzy, sweet musk base.

Atelier Colognes Grand Néroli and Orange Sanguine: these two are a bit more grounded than the others; they share that "Atelier Cologne" base that is present in Vanille Insensée. I received these as part of a travel set (a gift from S.). Orange Sanguine is bright, bright orange - not necessarily sweet, it's more like the spark that cuts through the air when you first break into the peel of an orange fruit. Grand Néroli is similar, but with a thread of floral green weaving through the roots. Both are spring/summer scents with a heavier touch than the ones above.

I'm hoping my perfume picks can banish the last of winter. I'm tired of the gloom. Join me. What spring scents are you spritzing about lately?