Friday, March 28, 2014

Quest for an Orange-Red, #1: Dior 844 Trafalgar

[This was a sample card that came with previous purchases.]

I've been looking for a fresh, orange-red lip shade. I may cave and get MAC Lady Danger in the end, since I love mattes, but I'm poking around and trying out other shades. This is Dior 844 Trafalgar, a Rouge Dior. I like this formula like I like french fries.
Wearing 844 Trafalgar over bare lips, no lip liner or balm.
It's an orange-red, in a traditional cream lipstick finish. If you're curious, I took comparison shots with 844 Trafalgar and 999. The latter is a true red.
On eyes: Shu Uemura Mint and Vanilla palette. I don't remember what else is on my face. Haha. Worst beauty blogger ever.

Ack. The last thing I need is another red lipstick, but holy hell I like this one.

What are your recommendations for a fiery orange-red?