Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More of That Spring Thing: Shiseido RD299 Beach Grass Trio

[Product was purchased by me.]
RD299, "Beachgrass."

This isn't a new release or anything, but the colors are spring-like (spring-y?), and I've been wanting it forever. My love for Shiseido eye shadow is well documented (here, here and here).

The middle orange shade is gorgeous, with a reddish sheen that glows. The mauve is also growing on me, even though it's not typically my favorite kind of color. The pale shade seemed a bit annoying at first - I have a lot of pale Shiseido shades, but the beauty of a palette is sometimes in how self-contained it is. With a pale shade here, I can add a highlight to the inner corner or the browbone without having to pull out other singles or palettes.
On lips: Maybelline Breathtaking Apricot.

Once it was in my hands, I was initially a little disappointed by how well the shades blended into my skin - they didn't seem to have enough contrast against my skin. However, I finally repurchased my favorite primer (NARS), and I am happy to report that primer has made all the difference - the colors are visible and beautiful without being garish, as I've come to expect from the brand.

My favorite way to wear it: orange all over the lid, white on the inner corner, mauve in the crease and outer lid.

Definitely a winner in my book. I do think that primer is required to bring out the best of these shades, but it's worth it. And look! Spring without being chalky and pastel.