Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Whimsy

It's snowing today.

This may not seem like a big deal to the rest of North America, but it rarely snows in Seattle. The city isn't really equipped to handle it, and also - most of Seattle is built on treacherous hills. The city essentially shuts down when it snows. Having not lived in a snowy climate as a kid, I find snow enchanting - but only for a day or two, before it just becomes gross and slushy and ew.
There's a tail somewhere...Dennison loves the snow!
Today it's still enchanting, though.

So I thought I'd share fun winter things. Like my earmuffs. They were a gift from S. two Christmases ago - they're owl earmuffs from Capo and Stubs. They fold up into a little sandwich which makes them easy to store, and I love them.
See how they fold up? They don't unfold or collapse while I'm wearing them, though - they fit snugly and keep my ears warm!

We all need a bit of fun, especially in dreary, cold winters.
I have also been favoring this easy, "winter bright" look - just a touch of warm color on cheeks and lips (paired with neutral eyes and shaded brows). The two I've been rotating are Becca Beach Tint in Strawberry (unfortunately a discontinued shade, though I think Papaya is probably nearly identical), and Illamasqua Libido. The cream shades are nice for that natural, lit-from-within flush of color. I stipple them on with the RT Stippling Brush, and finish with MAC Whisper of Gilt all over my face to give winter skin a bit of a boost.
On right, Illamasqua Libido on top, Becca Strawberry on bottom. Both are warm, cheerful shades, perfect for dispelling winter gloom.
How are you keeping your winters bright? What fun winter accessories are must-haves for you?