Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sweet Anthem Spring 2014: Lolita and Poppy

I opted in for Sweet Anthem's SA List - it was $24 for four seasons (details here). The first installment was the spring edition, with two new fragrances: Lolita and Poppy.
It came packed very prettily. I have the EdP versions of both spring scents - they are limited edition and available now.

Lolita: Sea Salt, Black Currant, Cherry Blossom, Tonka Bean, Rosewood
I was initially alarmed by the sweetness of this aquatic, but after a few more tries, I think it's actually very nicely balanced. Lolita starts as a fresh breath of spring air, like it's taking you through the UW quad when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. It's inherently sweet - you're getting your flowers and candy all at once (perfect for the season, yes?), but thankfully, it's not too fruity. I love the sea salt + tonka bean combination, which dries down as a rounded, enticing edible on my skin. It has that watery-sweet quality that many aquatics have, so if you have a fragrance sweet tooth (and swoon for the burnt-sugar lemon of Acqua di Gioia, for example), this might be one to try. (I think this is cleaner and fresher on others, but my skin tends to bring out the sweet aspect of many perfumes...in compensation of bitter character, perhaps, ha).

PoppyClove Bud, Red Flowers, Cocoa, Opium, Turkish Musk
Readers of the blog know how I feel about chocolate (spoilers: I dislike it). I try to be open-minded about cocoa as a fragrance note (although again, I usually dislike it), because it has a much earthier smell than edible chocolate, and I can understand its appeal, even if it doesn't necessarily appeal to me. Poppy smells spicy green in the vial and that spice blooms on the skin. It's instantly cocoa and musk - dark, earthy, spicy...actually, probably something I am going to sneak onto S.'s dresser, despite the flowery name. This is the underside of the flower; spring is about loam and dark beginnings, as well, and I think Poppy embodies that. I wish it were a little earthier, a little less raw green spice, but that's my personal preference. 

Overall, two interesting sides of the coin for spring from Sweet Anthem. I'm going to enjoy wearing out my sample of Lolita, but I think it might be too much for me in warmer months. We'll see. For other takes: 

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