Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kiss-Proof: MUFE Aqua Rouge 8

[Product was a gift from a super awesome person.]

Before you ask, yes. Yes, we tested it. It took a lot of persuasion and cookies, but S. agreed to help me test it. For science. (We tried sans gloss, because he objects to gloss). Quick pecks on the cheek? Check. Quick smooch on the lips? Check. Ran several trials. No transfer beyond the tiniest, single speck (which he could not even find on his cheek afterward).

Beyond that, you're on your own, kids. Do your own experiments. It's the big V-day, after all. (Omg don't hold me to this - disclaimer/disclaimer/disclaimer/responsibleadults/etcetc)
It's a warm red - a *KAPOW* kind of shade.

I posted an Instagram photo of me wearing it on Super Bowl day - I was giving it the most rigorous test run of all (greasy game day food!), and holy moly, I was a little bit alarmed by how long-lasting this sucker is. Once you apply the red end, you let it dry for a minute or so (it dries matte); it will feel a little sticky, still, but it doesn't transfer at that point. You can apply the gloss over it, and none of the color bleeds onto the gloss wand. Insane, right?
L: Just the lipstick. R: With the clear gloss over it. The clear "top coat" is not sticky and pretty comfortable to wear.

The color bleeds a little at the edges (nothing a lip liner won't fix) and it is a really stunning red. It is a bit drying without the gloss coat, though, and it does not come off. I tried scrubbing it off with a napkin before I ate - nothing. A few hours later (and after I ate), I was left with the dreaded "lipstick ring," and it sort of flakes off at that point. I would say that you should probably reapply every couple of hours (before you notice any degradation and definitely after eating) if you want it to stay looking flawless. If you're not eating, however, it does last. It would be perfect for an event (hello, wedding?) because of its staying power! (Although, this particularly orange-red shade emphasizes yellow teeth. Eep.)
Just the liquid lipstick, no top coat.

Since these are made to be rock-solid, waterproof event products (they were apparently made for the Parisian Aquatic Ballet), I don't know that I would pull this out daily, but I think it's nice to have a few apocalypse-arsenal products for when you really have to look good all day. I removed it with a waterproof eye makeup remover and a cotton ball at the end of the day, and applied a healthy dose of balm afterward. One more thing - they have a heavy floral-powder scent, which doesn't really bother me (and which I quite like, in a sort of old-fashioned way), but just in case you're sensitive - sniff first.
With gloss over it.

What's your glam day red?