Monday, February 10, 2014

Cool Red and Pink: Inspired by Haley Bennett

I don't know who Haley Bennett is, but I like her face.
I liked the cool, frosty pink under her eyes (at least, that's what I see when I squint), the blush placement, and the simple - but not boring - lip color. So I decided to give the look a go.

The color palette is overall cool here, and I usually pull out warm shades, so it was fun to take out products that I don't always reach for. Here's everything (excepting base makeup and brows):
I think I would pick a cooler red cream/liquid blush next time (except I don't have one).

I started with Laura Mercier Pink Opal under the lower lashline, smudging Soda from the Shiseido Color Bar palette over it. I lined the top lid with Laura Mercier Amethyst, just keeping to the space of the lid and not going up toward the browbone like I usually do.
Sorry for the used look of my...used makeup. Ha.

I patted theBalm Luscious Lani over the inner half, and then I used a pencil brush (is that what they're called? Oh, who cares. I'm sure you know what you'd use for this job. Incidentally, this is why I don't do tutorials) to shade Risqué Renée in the crease, winging it out slightly near the very edge. I lined the outer half of the upper lashline with liquid black liner, and finished with mascara, to try to replicate girlfriend's gorgeous doe fringe.
After applying it, I vacillated between "Holy crap why did I put on so much blush?" and "BLUSH, BITCHES." They were not messing around with that Shiseido Camellia palette, guys.

For cheeks, I started with Becca Strawberry, stippling it up the cheekbone to right below the eye socket at the hairline. I generously highlighted with the white portion of Shiseido Camellia, and then dabbed just a little of the pink part over the apples of my cheeks. I finished with Dior Nocturne. I love that lipstick. But I think for a less frosty finish (and it's a bit warm, too, with that gold sheen), I could have happily used Clinique Mightiest Maraschino instead.
Wearing L'Oreal Magic Nude in Light Ivory as foundation.

I've got another red lipped look for you this week (something kiss-proof for that holiday thing going down), but I have to say, I really like this pink Soda shade from the Shiseido Color Bar palette paired with red lipstick! Who knew?

What do you say? What are your favorite eye shadow combinations for red lipstick?