Monday, January 20, 2014

The Replacements

[Products marked * were received as gifts; all other products were purchased by me.]

Sometimes products that worked in the past no longer feel the same, or we've just stumbled upon something different that suits our ever-changing requirements better. Here are some of my newer "replacements;" products that have been incorporated into my daily routines and ousted former favorites. That isn't to say that the older products are terrible; sometimes they were my "gateway" into a new kind of formula, and that's pretty awesome.

I wear facial sunscreen every day - I've gone through tubes and tubes of Clinique's Super City Block, but lately I've been wanting to try out an all-mineral formula. When I went to visit the best friend, she gave me the rest of her bottle of Clarin's UV Plus HP SPF 40* (quite a lot of it's left!) because it didn't suit her in Hawaii's warm climate. It's been good so far - sinks into my skin nicely without remaining greasy, but doesn't dry out my face, either.

I also recently switched from Clinique Lash Power to Clinique High Impact Curling mascara. Lash Power introduced me to the beauty of a tubing mascara, but the High Impact Curling mascara is just...better.
Tarte Gold*, Laura Mercier caviar sticks.

Tarte's chubby liners finally introduced me to the idea of cream shadows as a base for powder eye shadow. With that success, I ventured into using Laura Mercier's popular Caviar Sticks. I prefer the Caviar Sticks now, because they are a bit tackier and work better as a base; they also come in more colors in a permanent range, and the most important thing - they twist up. Tarte's pencils have to be sharpened, and I'm both lazy and forgetful. I've accidentally used a blunt pencil (and felt the wooden part scratching my eyelid) far too many times.
Jason Natural Pure Natural Super-C Toner, Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate.

I also switched toners recently. I went through a bottle of Jason Natural's version (which does have alcohol in it and is a spray); it was okay, but nothing that compelled a review. I decided to try Shiseido's Ibuki Softening Concentrate next. Mum uses all Shiseido (and Roc, I believe) skincare, and her skin is fabulous, so I decided I'd give it a shot.

And lastly: UPGRADE. I bought the massive size of the First Aid Beauty cream (12 oz, $36 at Sephora), because it's so handy. I've gone through 2 tubs and a small tube of the normal size so far, so it's pretty safe to say that I'll have no problem using this up.

How often do you change up the products in your daily line-up? Are you a brand loyalist or do you like to dabble in everything?