Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shiseido Color Bar Palette Pt II: Review

[Product was purchased by me.]
Shiseido Color Bar palette. You can see that I already used a few shades before I took this photo - sorry. I bought it while I was in Hawaii and I couldn't resist!
Yesterday I posted looks, and here's the actual review.

I've wanted this since promo photos first started coming out last summer. It's the limited edition Color Bar palette for Shiseido's Fall 2013 collection. It's still available in some places (I bought mine from Macy's), so if you are keen on it, pick it up! It's $50.
For reference, this is the size compared to a Shiseido trio.

And to get to the point, I do think it's worth it - for me, anyway. But I've already proclaimed my love for Shiseido shadows. They're soft, don't kick up dust, and there's no fallout because they're not chunky, glittery, or excessively powdery. They stay on my lids (although I do always prep with some kind of creamy base or primer), and many of the shades have a beautiful shimmer/chameleon effect. It's kind of like magic, actually. I like magic.
L-R: Champagne, Soda. Champagne is a shimmery gold, whereas Soda seems peachy-white; it has a purple shift to it, though, which is extraordinarily pretty. These are the "layering" shades.

The idea behind this palette is that you can use the two "transformative" colors (Champagne and Soda) to add dimension to the other seven shades by layering, mixing and matching. The shade names are themed after adult beverages (thus, "Color Bar"), which I kinda like. I kinda like adult beverages. What can I say? It's different, anyway. The palette itself, while cardboard, is sturdier than I expected - it will stand up to being tossed in your makeup or travel bag (and I think this would be excellent for travel, given the range of shades and the possibilities!). It also has a mirror on the lid. Perfect.
L-R: Champagne, Soda, Noisette, Café, Liquorice. Café and Liquorice don't seem to have the same "chameleon" effect as the other three, although I do see some gold shimmers in certain lights.

I swatched these by "families," so to speak: the layering shades together, the "neutrals," and the "colorful." They're mostly shimmery/satiny.
L-R: Ménthe, Cassis, Parfait Amour, Curaçao. All of these have that subtle shimmer characteristic of Shiseido shadows.

If you're looking for "SUPER PIGMENTATION BATMAN," probably you want to look at Sugarpill or Urban Decay or some other brand that does more outrageous shades in multiple finishes. Shiseido is about understatement and subtlety, I think, and that's perfectly fine with me. There's a dash of whimsy here that I kind of love. You can really only layer 2-3 shades before some start to turn muddy (worst offender: Parfait Amour), but that seems reasonable to me. I've already shown you some of the looks I put together; I would use a flat shadow brush for all-over lid placement (like the RT Base Shadow brush) and a denser, shorter brush for specific color placement.

I think this is a good mix of colors and shades, and I'm happy with my purchase. I am, however, pretty enamored with Shiseido's powder shadows, so take that with a grain of salt.