Sunday, January 26, 2014

Diptyque Volutes: Stepping Further Outside My Perfume Comfort Zone

I can't get enough of this perfume right now. I don't know if I'll feel the same way in the summer, but I'm almost through my sample and am wringing my hands over the $140.00 for a 2.5 oz bottle (although, seriously? Why don't they offer smaller sizes of the EdP?).

Get a grip, Larie. It's perfume.

But it's a lovely one. Even its name (i.e., volutes de fumée = curls of smoke) is sensual and delicate and sultry. I have samples for both the EdP and EdT, and I like the EdP much better; it's a stronger iris-tobacco-vanilla with a sweeter, spicy drydown. The EdT smells like a citrusy, splashier TF Violet Blonde on me, and I am indifferent to it. This review is for the EdP.

The official description is: "Blond, honeyed Egyptian tobacco transports you to mysterious horizons and far-off shore. Iris strengthens it, spices give it body, and styrax imposes a daring and distinguished leathery note" (Diptyque site), with notes of "Mugwort, pink pepper, Sechuan pepper, saffron, mandarin, immortelle, hay, honey, iris, tobacco, styrax, opoponax, musk" (Luckyscent). I didn't think I'd like a blend that features tobacco (though honestly, I have no idea what actual tobacco smells like), and I'm still undecided on iris (despite owning Prada Infusion d'Iris), but I am typically a fan of styrax and its brethren
Volutes seems to wear differently on me from day to day; it usually opens as a spicy, cherry-esque tobacco scent - I hate cherry fruit notes, but this, I love - that vaguely reminds me of Chinese-style pickled plums or li hing. It's not a spot-on match, as nothing about Volutes is foodie or gourmand, but I'm reminded of those treats. Then it either dissipates in a breath of smoky, tingling styrax-vanilla - like the breath of frost that lingers on your face when you step inside your warm home - or softens into your suede-smooth favorite coat; I enjoy both, especially in this chilly weather. Everything about it is warm and cozy, spiced without being brash or edible or suffocating, and brightened just enough to keep you looking forward to spring.

It's going on the wishlist. I'm reveling in the experience of enjoying a perfume I thought I'd hate - something different from my usual fragrance choices. I think I'd pick this over the vanilla-safe Eau Duelle, and that's saying something.

[I leave you with my one confession: I dislike the jumble of letters that chaotically spell out Diptyque's fragrance names. It makes me twitch.]

Have you tried Volutes? Do you have any other tobacco perfumes to recommend?