Tuesday, January 14, 2014

50 Random Things About Me

Lily did this tag a while ago, as did Denise, so I thought it might be fun to do - I like learning about my favorite bloggers, so now you get to hear all the things about Larie. Muahahaha.

This is just a list, not ranked in any particular order, and I think they're random.

1. I have one younger brother. We get along pretty well, I think, as we share a sarcastic sense of humor and a love for food. And video games.

(oh my God I don't know if I can think of 50, I'm already stuck at two)

2. I like Japanese colored pens (helloooo, Jetpens) and always have some on hand. Black is boring.
3. I prefer notebooks that are either unruled, or quad ruled.
4. I like to do crossword puzzles. I'm not very good.
Especially good for the plane!
5. I think I can eat anything for breakfast, and a lot of it. I'll eat leftover spaghetti, chicken noodle soup, pizza, meatloaf...yep. S. used to think I was a weirdo, but now he eats pasta for breakfast, too. (Take that, potato).
6. Mum's Korean and I ate a lot of Korean food growing up, so my spice tolerance is through the roof. I like my food spicy, dangnabit.
7. I also like hot things hot and cold things cold. Lukewarm food is gross, man. Especially room temperature coffee.
8. I knit and crochet. I only really started last year, but I'm trying to be ambitious and tackle new techniques every time I start a new project. It's nice to do something with my hands.

9. We're Whovians. No, David Tennant is not my favorite Doctor (ducks and hides). He's kind of emo, no?

(seriously. This is hard. You guys have to do this. So you can see how hard it is. Maybe I should go ask S.)

10. I've loved to read ever since I was a little girl and constantly have at least a dozen books on my Kindle. I read a lot of different genres and while I think I'm prolly some kind of a book snob, I also revel in the trashiest of trash sometimes. *shrugs* Beauty of a Kindle, baby. No one can see what you're reading!
11. I do not, however, finish books that are beyond terrible, or ones that I lose interest in. I know some people have to finish something they started, but I have no problem chucking it. Life is too short for shitty books, dude.
12. Also, I swear a lot. S. calls me a sailor.
13. I am forever forgetting my keys. Ugh.
14. I don't like sports with flying projectiles.
15. So I rock climb, hike, run, dance, train in Muay Thai, and the latest thing: aerial hoop! SO. MUCH. FUN.
16. Even though I'll eat savory foods for breakfast, I do love me a good muffin. Or a scone. My favorites are orange-cranberry, lemon poppyseed, and pumpkin. Blueberry's good, too.

17. I will take pie over cake any day (we had mini pies at our wedding).
18. I love gummy candy. Bears, cola, assorted living creature-shaped item, yep. Gimme.
19. I will not watch any horror films or listen to ghost stories or any of that nonsense. Gives me nightmares. I will read a scary book, though. Seems different somehow. There are still nightmares, though, haha.

(I am on a roll here, guys.)

20. I hate tying my shoes and will opt for zippers or even velcro (yep, I'm three) when I can.
21. I've worn glasses since I was four and contacts since high school.
22. I'm a light sleeper.
23. I love cartoons and animated movies. I think my favorite TV show of all time may be Phineas and Ferb. It's so clever, guys. SO CLEVER.
24. And my favorite movie is Spirited Away. Or maybe Beauty and the Beast. And Howl's Moving Castle. There are a lot of favorites, okay?
25. I never used to like nuts as a kid but I love them now. Pecans are my favorite.
This sweet and spicy pecans from Trader Joe's are amazing. I like them on plain Greek yogurt, too.
26. Still cannot abide them in ice cream, though. I hate random things in my ice cream - no nuts, chewy ribbons of caramel, chocolate (shudders), cherry chunks...mint cookies are all right, I guess. Even if they're chocolate. I do like a lot of different flavors, though, and am always up for trying new ones. I like ice cream. *shrugs*
27. I plan our meals out a week or two in advance using Paprika and Pinterest boards. S. does all the cooking, though.
28. I like most kinds of whiskey, except Scotch. Sorry, it hasn't grown on me yet. I drink them neat, sometimes on ice, but when we go to a new bar/restaurant I always check out their whiskey cocktails first.
29. However, I only started drinking beer last year. It takes getting used to, I feel, and egads is it filling!
30. I love boots. I own a lot of boots.

(20 more? Are you kidding?)
Homemade rosemary bread bowl.
31. I like baking bread.
32. I also like eating it.
33. Actually, I like food in general. I'll try anything once.
34. And I am always, always, ALWAYS up for sushi.
35. I love birds. All birds. Well, except maybe chickens. And SEAGULLS. Ugh. Do not like seagulls.
Ok. Except maybe this guy.
36. I prefer short hair on myself, so this experimentation in long hair is kind of driving me nuts. What do you do with it? It just...hangs there. Send help, guys.
37. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and am always looking for new artists (some of my favorite blogs: Earmilk, Music Ninja, NPR Music).
38. And always: TURN UP THE BASS.
39. S. and I usually go to bed by 10 PM - 10:30 at the latest, lol. God, we're old.


40. I'm a morning person. I'd rather get up early and do all of my work in the morning.
41. I like making lists. I make a lot of lists (and love Evernote!).
42. I'm kind of a neat freak. I'm not like, spotless or anything, but once too much chaos starts building up in the apartment or our room, I spazz out and just start cleaning. I do try to keep on top of things, but sometimes things get away from me (or are randomly strewn about by my husband, ahem).
43. I'd rather shop online than in store, especially with clothes and shoes. I hate trying stuff on and I hate pushy sales associates. I am pretty sure about my sizing with my favorite brands, and I also choose stores with good return policies (like being able to return things in store) and decent shipping rates (like Nordstrom! So much love for Nordstrom). The exception is shopping with friends. But even still. Trying clothes on is a big time hassle, haha.
44. I wear earrings every day and feel unbalanced if I ever forget to put some on.
A current favorite - gift from @totoroacorn.

45. My favorite fruit is Asian pear.
46. I like root beer.
47. I like traveling and when we're more settled, I want to go somewhere new!
48. I don't own a blow dryer or a curling/straightening iron. I prolly will buy one at some point.
49. I like knee socks.
50. I'm the softie in the house - Dennison comes to me when we're eating because food mysteriously disappears off of my plate and into his mouth. But! I mostly only give him unadulterated fruits and veggies (although they can't have all things, and some of them should be cooked before dogs can eat them, like sweet potato).

I finished! And now you know more than you ever wanted to know, haha! So tell me about you! (It's a good post-filler, *wink wink nudge nudge*).