Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Perfume Tag

I've seen this floating around (like on sleep and water's blog and also Liber Vix) and have been wanting to do it, so I finally sat down to think about it.

1. What is the first perfume you purchased?
YSL Parisienne. S and I picked it out after a sniff session in Sephora - its opening smells like riesling to me. I still like it, but the patchouli can be a bit much on some days. And the fruity blackberry. It's odd, because I actually abhor fruity berry notes and patchouli and avoid them in other concoctions, but something about this one...just suits. I only wear it in colder weather, though, because otherwise it overwhelms.

2. What's your signature perfume?
I don't have one - I change tastes with seasons and moods. But I have a few go-tos: Prada Candy, Sweet Anthem Lizie and Edith, and Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise.

3. What's your most recent perfume purchase?
Sweet Anthem Fox. However. I've been into perfume in a big way lately; I haven't bought anything, but I've been filling up my Pinterest board obsessively.

4. What perfume would you wear at night time/ date night?
Yeah, so, as much as I'd like to be able to pull off those smoky, femme fatale, gun-in-my-pocket scents, my nose is a fluffy sugar plum fairy enthusiast (traitor!). For date night, it's a toss up. Sometimes I'll choose something I know S. likes (see: Parisienne), and sometimes I'll go for something that makes me feel as Nikita as possible (like TF Violet Blonde, because...I don't know. It brings to mind leggy models with leather dresses. Or something.)
5. What's your favorite spring/summer perfume?
Hmmm. I think this changes a lot. This year I wore a lot of white florals - Kai, and Philosophy's Amazing Grace. I need a mini bottle of Amazing Grace for next summer - it's perfect, watery, and light.

6. What's your favorite fall/winter perfume?
This year, it's Prada Candy. And I always bring out Solstice Scents Snowshoe Pass for cozy winter evenings. Pajamas perfumes are very important in the winter! The other one I've liked for night time in cold weather is Haus of Gloi's Earl Grey.

7. What's your favorite scent category (fruity, floral, fresh, oriental, woody)?
I don't know that I really subscribe to the idea of distinct, separate categories, but I usually run away from anything labeled "oriental" or "fruity." I like gourmands (but abhor chocolate and cocoa notes), love medicinal and herbal concoctions, and most of my tastes probably lean toward "fresh" and "floral" fragrances.

8. What perfume are you currently lusting after?
I really want to try some Serge Lutens (Jeux de Peau, Un Bois Vanille, Gris Clair, Fleur de Citronnier) and Frederic Malle, to expand my horizons la di da, but to own? Prada Infusion d'Iris, Atelier Orange Sanguine, and Tocca Margaux.

9. What perfume do you really dislike?
I hate, hate, hate Givenchy Very Irr├ęsistible and all of its friends, neighbors, and second cousins twice removed (what the hell does that mean, actually?). Something about that scent combination puts my teeth on edge, even though it has notes that I don't mind in other perfumes. Also can't stand Burberry Body - it's like neon disco synthetic peach on me, and oh my god I wanted to take five showers after spritzing that on. Oh, oh. And finally: oud. No can do.

10. What fragrance/cologne do you like on your significant other?
Oh, fun! This merits its own post in the future, I think. S. has taken an interest in scents (I often sneakily leave samples on his dresser, and if left to his own devices, he'll spritz them on out of curiosity. Although! He refuses to try anything that can't be spritzed on. So there's that.) since acquiring his first bottle of smells (this was another Sephora session, but this time S. and my brother wore their noses out together, haha! So fun). I like all of the ones he owns, but my favorites are probably Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black (despite the ridiculous name) and Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb, which he has almost finished a sample of. Oh, and YSL La Nuit de l'Homme, which he wore on our wedding day.

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