Sunday, December 1, 2013

Embiggening the Eyes: Inspired By Karen Gillan

I have the biggest girl crush on Karen Gillan. Because - come on. How can you not?
Karen Gillan.
Unfortunately, I don't have her face. (Is that creepy? Ok. Let's try not to be creepy).

I don't have her bone structure or - her face (creeper status, certified) - so I just took the color palette and a vague inkling of the product placements, and ran with it. That copper eye shadow is gorgeous, and I was really struck by the shaping of the eye makeup; it seems darker only around the outer edges.
Products  used: Racy Kacy (theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 3), Tarte Gold, Tarte liquid liner, Clinique Lash Power mascara, Clinique Teddy Bear quad (old version).

So I did something I don't usually do (but I know a lot of people do it successfully all the time! I don't know what took me so long): I started my liner at the inner 2/3 mark, instead of at the tear duct. 
This has the effect of, erm, "embiggening" eyes. Probably because now you can actually see the inner corner of my eyes. Or something. I don't know. People do this all the time, I know, but I've never tried it because (1. I'm an idiot) I didn't think I could get the line to meld nicely into my eye if I didn't start at the inner corner.
All the eye bags are mine!!! *sobs*
Well. Now I know.
Wearing Laura Mercier Mink over Osmia's lip repair here, because for once I didn't want a matte finish.

Full eye makeup breakdown: Smudge Tarte Gold all over lid and bottom outer half as a base; then take theBalm Racy Kacy and pat lightly over the same places you just put Gold. Line the outer 2/3 of the top lid with Tarte liquid liner, and then just the bottom outer third (confused, yet???). Finish with Clinique Lash Power mascara, and the ivory shade in the Teddy Bear quad (this is the old version - the new one is shimmery) as a browbone highlight.

For the rest of the face:
Illamasqua Zygomatic, Tarte Stellar, Laura Mercier Mink.

So that's that. I love the colors in this look and I think I'm gonna repeat this look many more times. 

Also, guys. We're finally catching up on Series 7 of Doctor Who, and we get to watch the anniversary special (finally!) tonight. I'm so excited. SO EXCITED.