Monday, December 2, 2013

Cirque: New Polish Love

Last time I organized my polish, I swore off round bottles because they're so damn hard to store. I'm proud to say that I have stuck to that.
Cirque Stella, Galinda, Cypress, Planet Caravan, Bejeweled, Lichen.

See? These are square. SQUARE. Which means it's okay that I bought six of them. Erm. It was my birthday...sales...something...

Yeah, I was bad. But I do not regret it. These colors are gorgeous; the brushes are normal-sized (as in, not huge and flat like Dior's), but they cover the nail easily and the formula for the ones I've worn so far have been fabulous. Fluid, easy to layer, not goopy. And they last! I like to wear my manicures out for a week or so, and I have not had any problems with these. Minor tip wear and maybe a chip or two when I'm especially hard on them (lots of baking = lots of pan scrubbing), but that's on par with my other favorite formulas (Dior, Lippmann). These are also 3-free.

I have photos of three today. I'm torn, because I like to wear my manis out for a week, but I also want to try all the colors as soon as possible, ha!
Cirque Lichen; two coats over base coat, with Butter London Hard Wear top coat.
Has this amazing gold-copper shift. Ugh. UGH. I love this one so much.
I've been big into shimmers and glitters this season (my usual favorites are creams), and these are phenomenal. They do not disappoint. They are a bit pricey ($13-15 on average for the normal polishes), but actually, that puts them on par with Butter London, and I prefer the Cirque formula.
I tried to do a reverse glitter gradient with Stella over Cypress; Cypress has this AMAZEBALLS holo though, so it doesn't look great in photos. Need to try Stella over other things. ROSE GOLD GLITTER. My heart.

I tried to be fancy. It didn't really work. I'm not really a nail art kind of girl. I try. Stella is amazing - it's just the right consistency for layering; it's not opaque on its own, so it's great for dressing up other polishes, or that accent nail stuff, or whatever charms your heart. Reverse gradient with Lichen, maybe? (Starry eyes!)

Cirque polishes are available here; they're having a sale until December 5th...