Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Familiars - Fox (Sweet Anthem)

[Product was purchased by me.]

You already know that I love gardenia, beeswax, and black tea in perfume. And I also have a handful of favorite Sweet Anthem's scents (I've finished a bottle of Juliet, my solid twist of Edith is more than halfway gone, and my bottles of Lucille and Joan are sadly dwindling). I finally decided to pick up more perfume (including a bottle of Edith) and wanted to also try something from The Familiars; Fox sounded the most like me, so I got a solid twist.

And, you guys. The packaging. Is it not the most adorable thing?
Notes of ginger, lily, peach (head), gardenia (heart), beeswax and black tea (base).

Back to perfume. I like these solid twists - they're easy to apply and even though they stick close to the skin, I can still catch a whiff of perfume throughout the day, which always makes me happy. Sweet Anthem's solid formula is one of my favorites - soft but still structured (doesn't break down in the tube), and doesn't leave any greasy or waxy residue. They're also nice choices as "pajamas perfumes," because they're a little less initially astringent than alcohol-based sprays.

I was wary of the peach note in Fox (I usually can't stand peach - it's often synthetic and drives me bonkers, as in Burberry Body - blegh!), but this is a soft and floral peach; it's the scent you get when you close your eyes and breathe in the scent of the fuzzy fruit. It sweetens the deal. I can smell the romantic gardenia and ginger lily entwining through like fox tails, and beeswax - lovely, gorgeous beeswax - keeps the scent sweet and cheerful. I know foxes are sometimes portrayed as sneaky and vicious. But come on. Look. They're clever and playful, too, like this scent. I think of it as representative of foxes - the bright, floral peach opening as they dart through the sun; the wisps of gardenia, like their slender tails, and the comforting, cozy base of delicately spiced beeswax and black tea, like homey dens.
Fox is another winner if you're a fan of beeswax scents - the black tea and white florals just seal the deal for me. It's available in perfume oil and solid formats at Sweet Anthem.