Friday, November 22, 2013

Tagged: 5-Product Face

Jenny and Tracy tagged me to do this post: a face with just five products.

I'm pretty sure my usual face requires at least eight (brows, concealer, powder, eye shadows lid and crease (two), eye liner, blush, lip product). And they all seemed necessary. But I guess maybe I could get away with five in a pinch. These are the ones I chose:

MAC Stratus: I like this plum shade a lot, and I like the mineralize formula.

Dior Garçonne: Just raved about this. Perfect MLBB shade.

RMS "Un"Cover Up: Covered up undereye circles and other problem areas.

Sephora Long-lasting Liner in 07 Glitter Brown: I need to wear eye liner; lately I've been going for a softer look, so I opted for brown over black.

theBalm Shameless Shana (brows and eyes): doubles as brow powder and eye shadow. I find that putting a little bit of this reddish brown in my brows helps soften them and lessens the contrast between black brows and red hair.
Since there were only five products and I had thought about them beforehand, this morning's makeup actually went pretty quickly, too, which is also a bonus. Now if I have to throw together a bag or look in a rush, I know what I can do!
I love this lipstick.
I tag: Vita (Making Up 4 My Age), Emma (Emma Bovary Beauty), Monika (Rocaille Writes), Teri (BellaChique), and double tag Lena (Lenallure). And you. ;)