Saturday, November 30, 2013

Overload: Green and Gold FOTD

Aka, how much makeup can I wear today? I felt like being colorful today. And I miss wearing green eye shadow.
See how many products you can use when you put your mind to it? Ha. Opposite of this.
I tried to keep the greens minimal, because the average person probably only has one or two (or zero, erm) green eye shadows. To do something like this, you just need a light one (I used Bare Minerals Envy - I don't use BM shadows that often, but damn, they're pretty), a dark one (L'Oreal Golden Emerald), and a non-green shade (BM Kiko).
Tarte Gold as a base; Kiko on the inner third, Envy in the middle, Golden Emerald on the outer bit. Smashbox Limitless Liner for an exaggerated cat eye, and Clinique Lash Power mascara.

This is the palette. I like oranges and greens.
theBalm Shameless Shana (brows), Smashbox Limitless Liner, Tarte Gold, BM Envy, BM Kiko, L'Oreal Golden Emerald, MAC Honey Jasmine, Illamasqua Libido, Dior Garçonne, Dior Délice.

I've had a bit of a cold, so my skin was blotchy today. I used my trusty Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach under eyes, and then spritzed some MAC Fix+ on my face before blending on some NARS TM (Finland), to keep coverage lighter and thinner. For cheeks, I stippled a little bit of Libido lightly on cheeks, and layered Honey Jasmine over it. Dior Délice was a little too orange, so I only used a little bit of it, and then layered Garçonne over it. I think the overall lip color was still too pink. 

 Ah, well. I'm happy to have dabbled with color a little bit again.

But I'm still in love with neutrals for now, ha. (And uh, glittery nail polish. Holy cow. More on that later.)

Did you have a great holiday (my US readers)? Shopped any sales? I only shop from home, but damn, my email inbox is overflowing with emails and sales and sales and I'm already exhausted. Still a few more gifts to grab, and then I'm staying away from the internet for a good long while.

Or, erm, until next week. Thanks for reading!