Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cold Weather Weapons

[Products in this post were purchased by me.]
No, not like those weapons (BUT, THE HOBBIT PT 2, GUYS). The beauty product kind. Cold weather is creeping upon us (well, actually, it's freaking here, but creep sounds so deliciously...creepy), and I have started to swap out my lighter weather fare for the big guns. I've talked about most of these before, so I'll link to their full reviews where possible.

I use face oils all year round, but in the winter I am more rigorous about using them in the morning and at night (in the summer I'll use a lighter moisturizer in the AM). Some of my favorites: Ole Henriksen Truth Oil, Argan oils (trying this new one from Shea Terra Organics), Weleda Almond Oil. I also break out the FAB Ultra Repair Cream for dry patches - especially when I get a cold and my nose is all raw from tissues (yeah, that's a sexy image, right?). And the Ole Henrisken Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask is a soothing, cooling indulgence, a couple nights a week. I find that it helps keep my face hydrated; the dry red patches that I used to have along my jawline have mostly disappeared.

I am trying to find an equally indispensable lip balm, but so far, I've tried a bunch of different ones and most of them leave my lips feeling even worse than before. I ordered some Osmia Organics goodies during their sale, and I have high hopes for that Lip Repair, so we'll see how it goes.

More FAB love. Dry patches - especially feet and elbows and knees - are saved by this beauty. It doesn't seem to work well for anyone else, so apparently I have strange skin. Solstice Scent's Burnishing Glacé is also still surprisingly effective in the colder weather (I don't know why I'm so surprised - it is an oil), so I've used that up and am debating more - it made an excellent bath oil, as well!
This bottle of Kendi oil has lasted me over a year (and I use it daily). Also. I store my body emulsion upside down.

I also have a Haus of Gloi pumpkin butter and body emulsion to luxuriate in this winter. Skin saviors, the both of them. (Also: pro tip. Layer Haus of Gloi's Earl Grey perfume oil over their Elevenses body emulsion. INSTANT TEA PARTY.) And finally, let's not forget hair. I use Alterna's Kendi Oil all year around, but I think it's especially important in cold weather (and with color treated hair).

Perfuuuuume. My cold weather favorites don't change too much from year to year. I like cozy scents, usually with a comforting vanilla core, like Solstice Scents Snowshoe Pass and Prada Candy. In general, I also tend toward scents with a slightly medicinal or herbal twist, which both of these possess (the peppermint in Snowshoe Pass and the benzoin in Candy). Other things that keep me happy in the cold weather: Adagio Teas Lavender Earl Grey, Lupicia Teas Honey and Pear Green Tea, scarves, colorful coats, BOOTS, knitting projects.
I've been wearing Prada Candy every day since S. bought it for me. And I live for vampy shades like Chanel Taboo.
Also. I like fuzzy socks.

And fluffies.

What are your cold weather weapons?