Sunday, November 10, 2013

Clinique Massive Midnight - Not Quite A Superlative for Eyes

[Product was received as a gift from a friend.]

These Chubby Sticks and their superlative names...I can't help but feel like they're trying to overcompensate for something.


But seriously: "Massive" midnight? What does that even mean? I don't know. The color is pretty, though. And the pencil tip is large and pretty easy to use, although if you're not careful it can get on your lower lid while you try to fit it into the outer crease of your eye.

But maybe I just have weird eyes.
Swatched. There are flecks of silver glitter in it, which are kind of weird to me. They sort of show up on eyes. Not a whole lot.
It's a pretty dark blue. Not too yellow, not too purple.
You can see the glitter better in this swatch.

The glitter is weird to me, and seems odd for Clinique.
Wearing Clinique Massive Midnight and Tarte Gold under theBalm Shameless Shana and Risqué Renee. Liner is Smashbox Limitless Liquid liner.

(Tracy, I promise I didn't match my eyeshadow on purpose. I got cold. I like fleece.)

The problem I have with this pencil is that it doesn't stay put on its own, and if you try to build up too many layers (or wear over primer), it just crumbles up and gets chunky and weird on your lid. No good.

However. A lot of powder dark blue shadows can apply patchily, and your blending skills have to be ace in order to get a nice, clean smoky eye. By layering something like this under powder, I find that I don't have to be as careful or even about powder shadow application. So that's something. I can't recommend this shade in particular on its own, but it is helping me use my own darker shadows by providing a dark base. Layered under powder shadow, it lasts a workday, which is all I ask in terms of longevity. And I do frequently use cream pencils as shadow bases, so it's not unheard of for me.

I hear the other colors are better, and I think they'd work as cream bases (which is what a lot of my cream pencil sticks do for me right now - I haven't repurchased a primer in months). But I think the next time I want a shadow stick, I'll "stick" (aha, please forgive me) to Laura Mercier's Caviar Sticks. They don't last superbly on their own either, but they fare a little better than these, and the texture isn't as finicky.