Saturday, November 9, 2013

Caudalie Hand Cream Trio - A Gift for Me

[Product was purchased by me.]
This is available at Sephora right now. Each tube is 1 oz. Scents: Feuille de Cassis, Pamplemousse Rose, Miel de Vigne.
I need reliable hand creams in the winter; if I neglect my hands, I get an awful rash and flakiness and all kinds of gross, painful happenings. So. Hand cream. The easy solution.

Except I'm damned picky about it. They can't have a super strong or offensive (to me, ha!) scent, they can't be greasy, they have to sink in fairly well and quickly, and it's nice if they come in small enough tubes that I can throw 'em everywhere. With this set, I have one in my purse, one on my desk at home, for later. I might buy another set, actually. For later than later.

Because I like them. While they're scented differently, they're not scented strongly, and I appreciate that. Each scent is subtle and doesn't last forever and ever and ever. They don't clash with my perfume and I like that a lot. (Ingredients here). I do believe they're silicone-free.

And they feel nice. They sink in readily enough, don't leave my hands feeling silicone-y or like I rubbed butter all over them (seriously, gross - Handmaiden's Tale, anyone?) and they are helping with the cold and the dry and the ugh-I-hate-everything-about-winter. Just to note, though, I don't like L'Occitane's much-revered hand creams (too silicone-y) and I do like Cake Beauty's Milk Made, despite its strong, raspberry smell - the texture is divine, and erm, I like that raspberry scent (though I wasn't a fan of the It's a Slice version).

They're limited edition and available at Sephora for $25; each tube is 1 oz. I've never tried the original version so I can't tell how they compare in terms of texture and scent, but I wouldn't mind having these around all of the time. My favorite is the...all of them. Probably they'd make nice gifts - for someone else, or, you know, for you.