Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Filling (Filler) Post

Actually, I've been posting a frenzy lately, but I thought we'd take a quick break for food. It's autumn - the baking season - so I have a couple of recipes to share! And quick iPhone photos of recent goodies. Even some non-pumpkin ones. I've been into simpler recipes lately, and a lot of items that can be consumed as breakfast treats.

We don't have a food processor any more and I hate cutting butter into flour, so this recipe for cream biscuits is a fabulous, fabulous thing. The one problem is that we don't keep heavy cream on hand, but we can walk to the grocery store on lazy weekend mornings to grab some to make biscuit-egg-ham-and-cheese sandwiches (a very, very good thing).

On the pumpkin front, this pumpkin bread recipe from Simply Recipes is versatile and super easy (no need to break out the mixer); I've added raisins and chopped pecans for a hearty breakfast loaf. It's super moist and delicious - definitely a keeper. You could make them as muffins, too, or you could make this pumpkin spice muffin recipe (the pecan streusel!).

I've also made these pumpkin caramel-stuffed cookies, although the caramel gets messy and then hard when the cookies cool; the cookies themselves are tasty, so I'd make them again and skip the stuffing. Speaking of cookies, I also made butter pecan cookies; the dough is crumbly (sandies don't have eggs), but it's worth it - they are so buttery and so good.

This apple cake was so good, both as dessert (à la mode) and as breakfast. I skipped the drizzle (I didn't really want to, but I'm a lazy baker). The rest of the mealy apples (got a bad batch) went into slow cooker apple crumble. I like my crumble to be crispy, so next time I think I'd just do the apples this way - they were delicious. Great in oatmeal, too.
Occasionally I make savory things. These pumpkin garlic knots are insanely delicious.
In the baking queue?
pumpkin cinnamon rolls
Yet another recipe for white sandwich bread
pumpkin blondies
balsamic candied pecans
pumpkin cheesecake (for Thanksgiving!)

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