Monday, October 21, 2013

Something About Cheekbones

[Featured product was a gift from a friend.]

I'm probably not a very good blush fiend. I think most of mine are limited edition, which makes me hesitant about sharing my picks or seasonal go-tos.

I guess that didn't stop me from actually picking an LE blush, but you know, it at least gave me some pause. And I did think of some permanent blushes that were similar, so hey - I'm looking out for you.
Tarte Stellar*, the RT blush brush, and my Charlie Brown hoodie.

I have to preface this by saying that I don't love Tarte's blushes. They're ok, but they're not the end-all of blushes for me. I actually sold off the one that I owned. But I got Stellar (part of last year's Christmas set) from a friend, and it's not half bad. It's shimmery, but the shimmers are subtle, and I use a highlighter anyway, so it doesn't much matter. On me, it's a browny rosey something, not orange and actually perfect for subtle contouring. You know, something about cheekbones.
The silver specks look really chunky here, and they kind of are, but they don't show up as chunks of tinsel on cheeks. Thank goodness. Why does everyone seem to think that we only want sparkle-central blush?
I'm not very good at contouring and I rarely do it - and even when I do, it's only a half-hearted attempt at creating structure, nothing fancy with proper brushes and lines and all that jazz. I just use the same fluffy RT blush brush, dab the very tip in Stellar, and then poke at my face, under the cheekbones - not on the apples. Then I highlight the cheekbone with MAC Whisper of Gilt, and call it a day. However, Stellar also makes a nice neutral blush for red lips or something equally punchy, so in the fall, when I wear red/vampy lips or darker eye looks a lot, it's perfect and wonderfully versatile.
Wearing Stellar as a "contour" shade. In quotes because my contouring skills are nonexistent. Also, sorry, I still have some dark-haired photos kicking around. Stellar still works with my new hair color, but it's a little different.
Similar to Stellar? Well, I can't think of anything that's exactly the same shade, but I can think of ones that are intended to achieve the same neutral effect: MAC Harmony, Tarte Exposed, Illamasqua Zygomatic, Becca Fig...there are a lot of them. What's your favorite neutral blush?

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