Thursday, October 17, 2013

I've Always Wanted to be a Redhead

[I paid for this all by my lonesome. And it was a lot of monies. Haha.]

You may have seen the news if you follow me on Instagram.

I have wanted to be a redhead for a very long time. Very long. But I always thought that it wouldn't work with my coloring. But I still pinned photos of redheads. And envied Amelia Pond.
I have a huge girl crush on Karen Gillian. HUGE. And now I'm going to be Amelia Pond for Halloween. *fistpump*
So I pinned photos. And pinned photos. And lusted. And whined to Liz and S. And finally decided, the hell with it. Yeah, it was going to cost A LOT (not just the initial dye job, but the upkeep!), and yeah, maybe it wouldn't turn out so hot, but damnit, I was going to try. I'm not a DIY kinda gal, so I went to the salon to have it done. I go to Caruh Salon, and have been for the past five years. I like having a single stylist who knows all the things about my hair and who I can trust. I showed Lindsey my photos:

and pretty much said, "I trust you. Go for it."Because Lindsey is awesome. And this is what I ended up with:
I need to warm up my brows a bit. Any suggestions?
It's an Aveda dye, which I'm told is "97%" natural. It does contain ammonia, but I didn't have to bleach my very dark brown hair to achieve this color, so I was still happy. I'm working on relearning how to match makeup to my face (and how not to do a double-take each time I catch a glimpse of my reflection or my hair falls in my face), but I'm really, really loving the change.
Wearing RMS Uncover Up in 11,  MAC Whisper of Gilt to highlight, L'Oreal Everlasting Nude on lips, and MAC Honey Jasmine on cheeks. Eyes are a variety of things, mostly theBalm's Nude'Tude palette, Smashbox Limitless Liquid liner, and Clinique Lash Power.
I've never dyed my hair before, really (besides some punk red streaks in college), and I can see my parents' disapproving faces already. I think for them, their disapproval stems from a rejection to things "unnatural" (Asian girls with red hair), as well as a misinterpretation of the reason for going forward with a change like this. It's not because I don't want to look Asian, or that I'm rejecting my cultural background, or anything like that.

I just wanted red hair.

Sometimes it's just that simple.

Any tips you have for color treated hair would be much appreciated. As well as any tips on how to coordinate my makeup with my new warmer, redder hair.