Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ole Henriksen Truth Line

[Products featured in this post were purchased by me, except *, which was a Sephora 100 pt. perk.]

I bought the mini kit that came with a Truth serum, eye cream, and moisturizer, and then received a 100 point perk for the new Truth anti-aging oil*. So I've had a lot of things to try! And I appreciate that I was able to buy a set of trial-sized items with enough product to use for a couple of months, at least (I'm sure the moisturizer will last much longer), without the investment of having to buy a full-sized product right off the bat. More brands should do this.
Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil was a 100 pt Sephora perk; the rest came in a set that I purchased. Full ingredients lists for all products can be found here; I have the ingredients for the oil down below.

My favorite item is the Truth serum; I use it daily in the morning, before my moisturizer, and it sinks in really nicely - especially if I put it on right after I wash my face. If I wait a little longer, it gets a little harder to rub in, naturally. It smells of citrus and is an uplifting morning scent. It contains vitamin C and green tea extract (camellia sinensis leaf extract), along with sodium hyaluronate. I have to confess that I haven't done much research into the effect of applying such hyaluronic acid/salts topically - perhaps someone can enlighten me?

I also really like the eye cream. It is a tiny, 0.1 oz jar, but it is lasting quite a while. Easy to pat into skin, doesn't pill under makeup, doesn't cause milia, and there's SPF 15 in it, which is interesting. I use SPF all over my face every day (40 or higher), so it's not really necessary...and it is a combination of chemical sunscreens. I do, however, like the effect of this eye cream, so I'll probably buy the full size when I'm done with this.
The three products that come in the kit.

The third item in the kit is the Advanced Hydration moisturizer. I don't really like moisturizers in jars, but I'll live. This is a quite hefty 1 oz jar (the full size is 1.7 oz and retails for $45, so it's quite a deal). When I first opened it, it kind of smelled like stale body odor and orange oils. Blegh. I know. I left it alone for a little while (tightly closed - I just didn't try it after the first night) and some of that heavy smell seems to have dissipated. It's not so bad now, though of course, it's now slightly less fresh (you see why I hate jar packaging?). The texture is light and fluid - after I apply the Truth serum in the mornings, I dab some on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then just rub it gently into my skin. At night, I use the Weleda Almond oil instead. I probably won't repurchase this - it's nice, but I have other favorite moisturizers.

Finally, I got a sample of the Truth anti-aging oil as a Sephora 100 point perk. It has the strongest scent of all the Truth line products here, and it's a slightly different scent - more like lemongrass. I like the oil; it sinks in easily and isn't excessively greasy. I think I would use it at night in the summer, but perhaps in the winter it would be nice in the morning, too. It also has the simplest ingredient list: rosehip seed oil, tangerine peel oil, lemongrass oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E).

In general, I'm really liking Ole Henriksen products. Ingredients lists contain no added fragrance, but all products do have strong smells - they smell strongly of things that I can usually identify, though. Which makes sense, as most plants and food items have strong, distinct natural scents. The Sephora page for the brand has a lot of helpful information, and while I hate the jar packaging that seems to be prevalent here, I do like the items I've tried. Also, as I mentioned before, the mini sets really appeal to me.

Have you tried any Ole Henriksen products before? What is your favorite Vitamin C serum?

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