Sunday, September 15, 2013

Better the Second Time: Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Beige

[Product was purchased by me.]
Maybelline Tattoo in Barely Beige.

This has been the summer of skincare, cream shadows, and neutral shades for me. A lot of the things I've tried in these areas have been new to me, and I've had mixed results. The first time I tried the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige, I kind of hated it. The texture seemed greasy and slippery, it was so frosty and metallic, and pale enough to wash me out if used alone. It didn't stay put throughout the day (creased and faded), and all in all, I wasn't impressed. I set it aside for a long time.
Swatched with a finger. It's metallic in finish, so I prefer not to layer anything metallic over it - the effect is a little too intense. It is also quite light, so used alone, it can make my eyes look wan and ashy.

But my success with Laura Mercier's Sandglow stick and Tarte's pencils - especially as bases - inspired me to give Barely Beige another shot. I don't like to wear this over primer - it makes the texture gummy and thick. I smooth a very, very thin layer of it on my eyelids, blending out lightly with my finger, and then pat shadows on top of it. My current favorite powder shadow to layer over this is the middle shade from the Shiseido BE231 trio - it's quite similar in shade, a little warmer, and only shimmery, not frosty.
Maybelline Barely Beige as a base, Shiseido BE231 middle shade all over lid, theBalm Caught-in-the-act Courtney in the crease.

I'll have a look up later this week using this as a base again. Using cream shadows as a base is sometimes nice to add dimension to a look, and you also don't have to be as careful with your powder shadow placement - you just need to even everything out and set the cream powder. I'm having a lot of fun. I don't know if I would purchase any more of these Maybelline Tattoo shadows, as I find this one a little finicky (easy to apply too much, so, so frosty) and there are other cream shadows to explore.

Do you own any of these? What's your favorite potted cream shadow formula?

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