Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sympathizing with Captain Jack: Recent Empties



I couldn't resist.

What I'm talking about, though, is this sort of crazy mission we beauty bloggers seem to be on - to empty out ALL THE THINGS so we can buy MORE THINGS. You know what I mean. It happens every so often, though, that we run out of staples or things we love, and then it's like WHYYYY. This is a feature highlighting some of the products that make me do the Captain Jack face.

Caudalie Divine Oil: Such a luxury, and the product that turned me on to the beauty of body oils that can be lightly misted on skin. As I mentioned, I found a much more budget-friendly alternative, and this small bottle didn't last very long at all, but now I like body oils, and that's something.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach: I'm not a massive fan of Bobbi Brown makeup, but this corrector is the ultimate for me and my insomniac raccoon undereye circles. I pat some on over eye cream and under foundation, and set with a light powder (like NARS Pressed Powder or Annabelle BB Compact Makeup). A little compact lasts a decent long while, and I'm on a second one. Daily staple!

Kai Fragrance (sample)*: A lovely white floral, very green and uplifting. I went through the little sample vial and am tempted to acquire more, but it's not the most unique scent (I still have the very similar Olivine). Still, it's such an easy to wear scent.

Jennifer Aniston perfume (mini): My original review wasn't very positive and I still don't think this is a particularly unique variation of a beachy white floral, but there is something about being able to spray a light scent with reckless abandon and pretending to be JA, with her carefree hair, perpetual tan, and laid-back CA style. I think I'll pick up a mini Philosophy Amazing Grace to fill this hole next summer, even though it lacks the salty element of JA. I need something light and easy in the summer, though.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum: I bought this set (can I say, I love brands that allow you to purchase mini trial sets of skincare), and I purchased the full size to replace this. I like vitamin C serums, and this sinks into skin very easily - it's a gel. I'll do a full review on the Truth line items soon.

Prada Candy (sample): I told you I fell in love with this. And then I used it all up. I wish they sold perfume in smaller bottles, because the initial investment always feels a bit high. Perhaps it can go on the birthday wishlist, or Christmas. It sort of feels like a classic me scent, and I doubt I'll change my mind about it any time soon.

A lot of these were samples, but I think that emphasizes the importance of bringing home a sample for an extended trial. Items like perfume and skincare take some time to thoroughly test. I am guilty of simply buying full sizes of skincare to try, though, because a lot of times it just isn't possible to obtain an adequately sized sample.

What have you finished lately that you're missing? Fall in love with anything new?

[Products marked with a * were received from PR for review.]

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