Thursday, August 22, 2013

Being Braver and Giving Scents a Second Chance: Prada Candy

[Sample received as a GWP.]

I remember trying Prada Candy in stores, and being turned off by a very strong whiff of something weird and astringent. I was a bit disappointed, as the notes sounded lovely and gourmand, but it was really only a tiny blip on my radar, anyway.
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However. I recently received a sample as a lagniappe (!), and decided, what the hell, I'm being more adventurous nowadays. I spritzed. And fell in love.

With notes of "caramel, vanilla, musk, benzoin," this is definitely a sweeter blend, but it's not sticky, sugary, cavity-inducing sweet as the name suggests (can I say? I hate the name, and I dislike the packaging. At least I know I'm not falling for clever marketing only, right?). I don't really consider it a gourmand, either - I'm not reminded of burnt, sumptuous caramel so much as an elegant vanilla, the shade of cream-colored walls and soft leathers. Or the vanilla orchid.
Vanilla orchid and beans.
On first spritz, I get the warm, vanilla beginning - something that reminds me of Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise, although that is far greener and simpler, and I like Candy better. But then it evolves into its full potential - a drydown with a slightly medicinal edge, tempered with just the right amount of sweetness; the benzoin keeps it fresh without being green. I kind of adore it.

Candy does last all day on me with two generous spritzes - I can still catch notes of it lingering around before I shower in the evening, and it always makes me smile. It's not a bold perfume - it doesn't shout out at you, or call attention to itself. It's comforting and sweet and cozy, though, and I can see wearing it through the winter with perfect happiness. It's dependable. Sweet. A paramour.

The full bottle is on my wishlist.

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