Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Lady is A Vamp: Dior Galaxie

[all products in this post were purchased by me, with the exception of *, received as a gift].

At least, that's what you'd assume, looking at my collection of vampy shades.
L-R: Dior Galaxie, Dior Shadow*, Chanel Taboo, Butter London La Moss, Butter London Branwen's Feather. They ARE all different, okay?!

Dior Galaxie is the newest addition. It's similar to Shadow* and Chanel Taboo, but it's slightly redder in the sun and has more of a retro metallic finish. Without a top coat, it has a slightly satin finish. I like it.
Dior Galaxie, two coats with top coat.
It's not hugely different from Shadow*, but the reddish tones and the overall metallic finish do set it apart. I often find myself just reaching for shades in this family over and over again, but not wanting to wear the exact same shade, so it's nice to have variety within a color group. Um. Yeah. Is this convincing yet?
It appears that the new Dior bottles have a sticker on the front with the brand and shade name printed on it, rather than having it printed directly on the bottle. Eh. Now my bottles don't all match. Hahahaha. Dior Galaxie on the left, Shadow* on the right.

In general, I don't have time to change shades very often and wear a mani out through about a week, so I prefer formulas that dry quickly, last long and don't chip or come off in those weird peely layers. Dior does this for me, so I stick with it.

If you find it doesn't last, it's certainly not worth the price tag. For me, I reach for these over and over again because of their reliability, enough so that I don't buy as many other brands any more. Three China Glazes = one Dior, but as I won't wear those other shades as much, this is worth it. If you'd rather have the variety, I'm sure you could find a similar shade at a friendlier cost. This is part of the Fall 2013 collection; I purchased mine from Nordstrom.

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