Monday, July 22, 2013

Of Course He Has Good Taste

He chose to be married to ME.


Okay. Sorry. I had to do it.

But seriously. When I told S. that for our next bandit assignment, he had to pick a lipstick, he just stared at me. Finally:
S: "I'm not good with colors. I don't know what looks good." (True. Boy is partially shade blind or whatever it's technically called.)
Me: "Just pick something you like."
S: (snickers) "Coral!"
Me: "I hate you. No."

It took some leading questions and descriptors to finally get him to decide on something. He had no idea what I was talking about (matte, glossy, sparkly) in terms of lipstick, so we started by describing what I was wearing right then (lip gloss, actually: "glossy, shimmery, pink") and working from there. Science, you know. He decided Rouge d'Armani 510 was not quite right, and he didn't prefer the matte NARS Carthage. So I whipped out my mini Dior Addict Extreme in Lucky, and voila!
See, see? Already good, right? What did I tell you?

I only had to try on three lipsticks!
Also, I learned that S prefers bolder eye makeup to lips ("I don't kiss your eyes.") and a smoky eye is always appreciated. Who knew? I guess that's a typical guy response. Is it? What does your partner say?

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