Sunday, June 2, 2013

White Florals From Olivine

[Samples received from the brand for review purposes.]

Olivine is a Seattle-based perfumer, which previously used to sell under the label Lulu Beauty. I received oil samples of Olivine, She Belongs There, Oxley, and Full Regalia. All are centered on white florals; I liken it to various facets or moods.

Olivine is the namesake perfume, and it dictates the grand theme of the rest; Olivine's perfumer is a professed gardenia fiend, and this is a true gardenia conduit. I grew up with gardenias around the house in Hawaii, and this definitely takes me there - close your eyes and inhale. It's a classic white floral, very feminine, very lightweight - not held down by musks or powders. A crisp white shirt, a soft white skirt.

Oxley is described as "sexy, sultry, warm," with "white gardenia and night-blooming jasmine" and base notes of "essential vanilla and African musk." It is warm, and the musk grounds it and keeps it sweet and comforting, which is what I've come to expect of a lot of vanilla-musk pairings. More sultry than fresh, Oxley is perhaps the one for a cozy evening in, curled up with a bowl of ice cream and your fluffy companion (and perhaps your human one, too).
She Belongs There is described as a "warm, sexy tangle of gardenias, pikaki, night-blooming jasmine and lush, smoky vanilla;" the blend of white florals makes it brighter than Olivine, and the vanilla is there - it's a subtle grounding to the bright whites. (If you want a warmer, muskier vanilla, choose Oxley, instead). There is more contrast to this one - the fresh greenery of flowers, and a hint of a reminder that they sprung from a richer base.

Full Regalia is the one that stands out - it's all patchouli and powder, with a single thread of jasmine at the center. It has "pure, sweet vanilla," but "waiting beneath the surface are Egyptian Jasmine, Moroccan Red Rose, Musk, Blackberry, and a hint of Patchouli." It has gourmand tendencies from the berry, and the patchouli lends an exotic breadth that isn't present in the other three. It's not my favorite, and I see it as more mature, but it's interesting in that the jasmine note still rings true.

If you love white florals, I think you could love any of these. They are available as 5 mL oils and 1.7 oz EdPs from, and also in a sample pack. My favorites are Oxley and She Belongs There - one for day, one for night, and perfect for summer.

How do you feel about white florals? 

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