Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Pretties from The Fushigi Shop

I haven't been too interested in recent makeup releases, but I have been picking up a few items of clothing and jewelry. I tweeted about this purchase from the Fushigi Shop earlier, because I was so darn excited. When I saw Yasumi's tweet about these new earrings she had made, I knew it was time to make my first purchase from her shop. Pearls and spikes! Two things I happen to love in earrings, even though I don't have many pieces with those components. These were a one-off pair (sorry!), but keep an eye out - wonderful things make it into that shop all the time!
"Susurrus Bite" earrings from The Fushigi Shop. I love that many of the pieces are inspired by folklore and fairy tales, and also simply little bits of whimsy.
I think they're fun, and can't wait to pair them with a little black dress. I also bought an anklet, but I'll spare you a photo of me wearing that. It's this one, which I couldn't resist, because it was inspired by a David Bowie quote and well, I've been looking for a cute, delicate anklet.

Anyhow. My experience shopping with The Fushigi Shop was lovely; Yasumi was responsive and shipping was fast. I've always got an eye out for new pretties in her shop. The $ to £ conversion is a bit depressing, which is what has always held me back before, but some baubles are worth it, you know? And it's always nice to shop indie. Check her out - she also makes brush rolls and keychains, all kinds of goodies.

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