Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bright Lipsticks Can Be Fun and Fuss-Free!

[All products featured in this post were purchased by me, except those marked with a * - those were gifts from friends.]

As a Lipstick Bandit, I'm no stranger to pigmented, intense lip colors - bright, vampy, siren-red - we got ya covered. Summer is an especially great time for bright, cheerful lips; the colors are refreshing and go well with a tan and minimal makeup. If you're more into sheers and subtle lip colors, hey, we all have our thing, but you shouldn't be afraid of bright lip colors. They can be relatively fuss-free and easy to wear, and dang, they're fun.
See how HAPPY you could be? Hahaha. Wearing: L'Oreal Coral Tattoo. SO CORAL.
And you don't need to fuss or do any more prep than normal, in my opinion. Neutral, well-defined eyes, a touch of color in your cheeks, maybe some lip liner (depending on the shade/formula), and bam. BRIGHTNESS, BABY.

Start with the amount of base makeup you're comfortable with. For me, that's undereye corrector/concealer, and Annabelle BB Compact Makeup (thanks, Tracy!). Do your brows if you do them, don't if you don't. Then move on to eyes. I like to keep it basic but well-defined: neutral shadows and black winged liner.
Current favorites for neutral eyes: Burberry Pink Taupe*, MAC Moleskin*, Clinique Teddy Bear quad.

Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in True Black, Tarte MultiplEYE Lash-Enhancing Liquid Liner*. Two of my current choices for creating a winged line. The Clinique cream liner became much less smudge-prone after a few months. I'm using it because I have it, but I don't think I would repurchase.
Next, add some color to your cheeks. I think that ties in the bright lip a little better. It could be bronzer all over, or just blush. You could pick a similar color, or something complementary. Lately, I've stuck to similar shades - pink blush with pink lipstick, for example. Usually with a little variety in shade, so it's not too matchy matchy, but hey - that's the concept behind lip/cheek tints, right?
I've stuck to bright, cheery cheek shades lately. Cheeky ones, if you will.

Then, lips. I already showed you some of my favorites lately. Some are slippery and I like to wear those with Dior's clear liner to keep it from feathering, but after that, I don't worry about it. See? Not any more than I usually wear.
NARS Carthage. Ponytails and bangs...I'm still not sure how I feel about that.
Summer is for frolicking around and enjoying the sunshine. If you want to do it with bright lipstick on, by all means, dude, rock on. And let me know what your favorite shades are!

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