Monday, April 15, 2013

This Bandit Says: Coral is a Confused Color

And confusing. It's a blend of pink, orange, red, yellow, and the proportions really depends on who's calling it coral.

With this in mind, it seemed only natural that I should pick another confused product: L'Oreal Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Coral Tattoo. See? "Coral" is in the name. So there. It's a weird hybrid of a glossy finish and a pigmented, lasting stain. It's also more of a reddish-orange coral than the yellow-pink-peach variety, as that particular shade makes me look hideous. Probably a side effect of being green.
I bought this. With my own monies. Thank you very much.

I like these, aside from the off-putting name ("Wet" stain? Wet? Really?), and the fact that they do get tackier over time. The solution? Reapply! That keeps a bit of moisture on the lips, as well. (I reviewed Everlasting Caramel here).
Looks a bit patchy in the close-up shot, but from a reasonable viewing distance (get out of my face, yo), it looks fine. If you layer it, it will get brighter.
I was going to wear taupe eye shadow, because that's another confused, identity-crisis-having shade. But then I didn't. Because I don't really own taupe, actually. I NEED STABILITY IN LIFE, OKAY?
This is "coral." *cough* Also. My hair. Ignore it. It's having its own identity crisis. GROW, DAMN YOU, GROW.
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