Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snapshots: Currently Loving, April 2013

There are only two beauty items in the photo, but they're damn good ones. I caved to Chanel Taboo as my April treat and it is bee-yoo-tiful.
Sorry about the iPhone pic, but I've been working on school/work related things on the weekends lately, and there is simply no time for proper photos. This is even more stunning in person. For those curious, it's cooler and more blue than Dior Shadow; it also has secret shimmer + distinct purple sparkles.

It was also warm enough to paint my toes today, so I brought out Dior St. Tropez (which is one of my favorite pedicure shades) and made that happen. It was even bright enough for sunglasses! (These are Oakley).

I've also been reading a lot. The Kindle makes it so easy; I can have several books going on at once, and I can read on the bus; regular books can get a bit heavy and I don't like to carry massive bags to work. This makes it all fabulous, and I've been burning through books recently. If you want, you can see what I'm up to on Goodreads.
Bought the KS card carrier at a tremendous discount at the outlet; the cheerful yellow just makes me smile. And sometimes you just don't want to lug around an entire wallet, you know? This is perfect for my license, school ID, and a single credit card.

The other things I've fallen in love with this month are my Kate Spade card holder (purchased at a Kate Spade outlet) and a cute little pencil case my mum sent me from Korea. I feel like I'm in high school again, toting one of these around, but my old one broke at the same time that I needed to start carrying pens around with me again (I usually leave them at work, but since I've been bringing work home with me, naturally, I needed writing utensils). Sometimes it's the little things, you know?

What has brought a smile to your face lately? Have any book recommendations for me?

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