Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Budget-Friendly Eye Brushes from Sonia Kashuk

I purchased both of these on my own. The Synthetic Crease Shadow Brush is $9.99, and the Pointed Blending Brush is $3.99, I believe.

I don't typically splurge on brushes, and I don't like to buy them as a function of what animal they came from, either. I look for budget-friendly options, and these are some great ones. 

I chose these to fill gaps in my eye brush arsenal - I needed a fluffy blending brush, and a dense, stiffer crease brush. These deliver. And for less than $15! Such total win. I've been able to do a couple of cleaner looks with these (although I have no pictorial proof, oops), so I'm quite happy. The quality of the black crease brush is superior to the white blending brush (so I guess that $6 is worth something); the white brush did shed a little bit when I washed it, but it's otherwise quite serviceable.

So, the hype is justified. These are some really nice, affordable brushes! I think I will stick to the slightly pricier (but still not pricey) SK black brushes, though, as they seem to be synthetic, and a little sturdier. The Sonia Kashuk brush range is large, and they often have holiday sets, so the next time I'm looking for a brush, I'll check Target first.

Do you have any SK brushes? Any favorites to recommend?

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