Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Painless Palette: Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadows

[Products were received as a gift from a friend.]

Sephora has come out with some new eye shadows, and I received some as a happy present (thank you!). With two shades, a 3-shade palette comes free. The palette comes with a key for easy pan removal - I found it really simple to use, and very practical, which made pragmatic Larie very happy.
Empty palette, with the key.
The two shades I have are N39 Cherry on Top (matte) and N60 Diamonds are Forever (shimmer). These two are unique to my collection, and the quality of each is very nice, and appropriate for my purposes - I like the metallic shimmer of the silver shade, and I like the rich, matte quality of the red. I tested a handful of shades in store, though, and not all of them have the same smooth texture and color payoff, so I'd advise checking them out in person before making any purchases.
Top: N60 Diamonds Are Forever
Bottom: N39 Cherry on Top
(swatched on bare skin, no primer)
I think, at $13 each (0.07 oz), they're not exactly a steal, but if you see a color/texture combination that you like, I'd go for it. The pans are easy to rearrange and I kept my single cases, in case I want to buy a few more and switch things in and out of the palette later. The palette itself is nice, with a mirror, so I could see traveling with it as well.
See? All set, and nary a ding.

Have you tried any of these? Do you like customizable palettes, or would you rather buy something pre-made for you? 

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